Beware of Pride

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi friends and family!! It´ll be a little short today but I wanted to share an experience that I had this week. I´m trying to finish up the Book of Mormon again before I get home.(7th time´s the charm). I´ve been reading in Helaman and studying about the Pride Cycle. Lots of times I could see how the vicious cycle of pride ruins our families, our relationships, our work, just about everything that is good in our life. With this study, I have realized how Satan works so so hard in our lives, with tactics that we dont even realize that are coming from him, like pride.
Above is a great talk from President Ezra Taft Benson. If you know anything about Sister Myers, you´ll know that she LOVES him. Pride is a trait of Satan that he will always try to tempt us with. Its on of the greatest tempations that missioanries face. Because simply said, if we are prideful, Gods work cant go forward and we cant progress spritiually.
This has been and still is one of the hardest barriers I´ve faced on the mission. But throught the powerful Atonement of Jesus Christ, He allows tme to change little by little so I can help those sweet children of God who need the gospel. I know that the time is now very short (Tammy is very excited) but I know there are tons of elects who are waiting. And I cant wait to share this powerful message of the Atonement and how it changes us for the better.

 My painting from the cutest old man in our ward.
 A rainbow!

Feliz Pascoa

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hello my family and friends! HAPPY EASTER! Seriously I´m a little sad that Easter isnt as cool here. It´s not as commercialized as the States, as you can imagine. It is alot more focused on The Holy Week rather than the day of Easter. Needless to say, I did not eat ham nor funeral potatos.
BUT this week was full of cool things and I have tons of pictures (youre welcome momma).

On Friday we had a Mission Conference. Presidente Bonini is going home in June(with me) and he´s been preparing a conference for every transfer until he goes home. Then on Saturday we watched a play done by members of the church here called "Jesus the Christ". Its basically like the Easter Pageant, I think. But it was awesome beacuse it was my second time watching it here on the mission. This year I could see various members participate whom I had passed in their wards. I was so so so happy to see these talented members depict the life of Jesus Christ. Fortaleza and Fortaleza Leste watched it together so there were tons of missionaries there. The members from our ward talked to us after and said that there was a special spirit there that there wasnt in all the other apresentations because they were performing for true representatives of Jesus Christ. My heart swelled up a little bit, I thought that was so sweet.

And Sunday... well Easter really isnt the same here but I was so so happy to feel the Savior´s love for me in His House. It´s incredible how you feel the same spirit on the other side of the world. I love my Savior. I know that he died for each one of us. But most importantly, He is risen and He lives.  I hope this week was a reflective moment for everyone as it was  for me. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else giving everything I have to the Lord.

Mission Conference & the Easter Pageant 

Baptizing Converts

Monday, April 10, 2017

Something my dad told me before I left for the mission field was about baptizing converts. As a missionary, it is your duty to teach your investigators and converts how to be truly converted to the gospel. Because they´re like babies, they new to learn one thing at a time, simples. And there is NOTHING NOTHING better than seeing that your converts are TRULY CONVERTED.

Sunday was such a special day. My convert Andre, came to church with a white shirt and tie for the first time and passed the sacrament. Danilo,who was baptized last week, received the Holy Ghost and was confrimed a new member. And our miracle, Felipe was baptized! I talked a little about him in the last email. We met him at this food truck about a month ago. And long sotry a little bit shorter, we began to teach him. He would leave early from work to meet with us. The second lesson, we talked about the Plan of Salvation. Tears streamed from his eyes as he began to explain about his true love. He grew up with Joanna, the girl next door. They dated their teen years until on day, she suddenly died of a fall. As we taught him the Plan of Salvation and temple work, he´s become a completely new person...someone who is truly converted.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see a life changed. Nothing nothing. And as these lives change, so does mine. I hope to come home as a changed person because my converts have truly helped me to be converted too. And I thank Heavenly Father for this privilege.

The beach! Our area of course only gets the ugly part of the beach but at least its something!

 "I don't have criseses, I have Christ"
 15 months!
 When canker sore meds do not exist, throw some salt on it.
 Andre passed the sacrament for the first time this week.
 The baptism of Felipe, our miracle.

 Danilo was confirmed and came to church! Super fancy!

The week the heavens opened.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Okay this week was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY AMAZING! I hope I can relate it all with such a short time.

1. the miralce named Felipe
-So there´s this food truck in our area that Sister Meneses and I are kinda obsessed with that makes the best hamburgers. One day we were there before heading back to the house and we began to talk to this man who was having a hard time deciding what hamburger he would choose. As the good people that we are, we gave him the suggestion of what we liked best, invited him to visit church and left a pass along card with him. We didnt think much of the invite as he had talked about how he was Muslim and studied religion. About two weeks after we received a referral and we found the hosue and knocked on the door... to find Felipe, the man who accepted not only our suggestion for hamburgers but to visit the church. He began to count the story of how he entered and talked to a missionary there for more than an hour and watched every video that the church has to offer. When we went to teach him about the Restoration the next day, he had already memorized the story and had already prayed to know if it was true. HE´S INCREDIBLE. Sometimes we leave our lessons waiting for Ashton Kutcher to turn around the corner and say we´ve been pranked. Felipe is preparing to be baptized next week so TBC....

2. the miracle of Brasilia
Sunday morning, we had the privilege to hear our beloved prophet speak to us. He announced 5 new temples... what a huge blessing. The love you have for a companion on the mission, is something that I cant put into words. Have you ever imgained what a face of pure happiness looks like? President Monson slipped out the first temple.... BRASILIA, BRASIL. Which is... the hometown of my companion. Tears streamed down her face and shortly after mine too, as I realized that she too would have a piece of heaven in her hometown.

3. the miracle of planting seeds
About a year ago, I met a family so so sweet. I was in my training with Sister Souza. I remember trying to spit out Portuguese in our lessons. I had total certainty that this family would be baptized. Later on, the mom said she didnt want to recieve our messages anymore. I never felt so defeated. It was definiately a hard day. Yesterday, here on the other side of Fortaleza, one of these young woman that I had taught, ran up to me and hugged me. I found out that she had moved away and was now living with her grandmother who let her be baptized. She remembered my name and everything. Of course I was a ball of tears because WHAT ARE THE ODDS!

So this week was incredible. Of course each week in incredible on the mission but sometimes theres those weeks that keep you going, Im so grateful that this miracles still exist and that these miracles continue to happen for the next 10 weeks. I love the gospel. This church is true.

Sister Myers
 Trio life is the best life

 O batismo de Danilo

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