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Monday, March 21, 2016

Seriously how does Segunda-feira come so quickly?! This week was a little bit of heartbreaks. I felt like a teenage girl needing Titanic and chocolate ice cream this week. But just because sad things happen does mean you cant be happy!

We´ll start off with happy things. This week we were in the home of this very old, very religious woman. She was blasting this Gospel music concert when we walked in. As we ended our lesson we invited her to day the closing prayer. By this point, we were worn out. Mostly because she preached to us and not the other way around. Before she started her prayer she asked us for our names again and we replied Sister Souza and Sister Myers. She looked at us weird and began to pray. And she said, and I quote "Please bless these servants of God, Lord. I think they´re confused. Both of their names are Sister". Needless to say it was by far the best prayer I´ve heard.
Then this week was Sister Souza´s birthday. She turned 22 a week before she finishes her mission so we made sure it was special. I began the day by jumping on her bed and singing happy birthday in Potrguese, Enlgish and Spanish. Fun fact: her dad is a language professor and knows like 12 different languages so she too knows a bunch of langauages. But these three were the only ones I knew for the happy birthday song. We ate cake for breakfast. We ate cake at lunch at one of the member´s home, and ate cake for dinner. If I didnt have diabetes before the mission I do now. It was a great day and really special for her.
Okay not so happy news. Just about every thing feel apart this week. Our baptism for this week, started a new college course and was never in his home for us to prepare him for Sunday. Then Cristina who has the three girls, told us with her husband leaving she doesn't want anymore change in her life. Then Gustavo, one of the brothers we´re teaching said he´d ask his dad to be baptized for Sister Souzas birthday and when they asked he was very hesitant and never gave them an answer.
So now we´re here. And this is what I have to say:
"Opposition gives us a priceless opportunity to turn to God and rely on Him"
So that´s what I´m doing. I´m a representative of Jesus Christ. I am praying, fasting, and studying to be a better missionary for the people of Fortaleza. I know this trial is a gift. It's a gift that I can be broken down into pieces and have the faith that the sun will rise tomorrow.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I can physically feel them day to day here in Brasil. I am so blessed to have friends and family supporting me all over this world. Thank you to those who have shaped me to be a missionary today. Its the biggest blessing of my life and want these next 15 months to be the best for my Heavenly Father and His children.
Com muito amor,
Sister Myers or in Portuguese, Sister Mi-uurs

Sister Souza making chocolate chips cookies every PDay
 Sister Souza and I with the family of Cristina

 The birthday of Sister Souza


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