Monday, November 28, 2016

I would like to formally ask forgiveness for not writing last week. I know that sometimes an email from your homies is the best so apologize. BUT this week has lots of news so lets jump right in.

So first and for most, we had transfers this week and Im styaing with my daughter in Jardim Guanabara! And so is Sister Chamberlain and her daughter. Seriously we have prayed so much to all stay together. The next transfer is gonna be killa! We´ll all pass Sister Chamberlain, Breisch, and my birthday TOGETHER, Christmas, New Year, and my one year mark. Wow can we talk about excitement.

MERCIA AND NAILY WERE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. Wow what an experience. We had the opportunity to watch Elenilson(our recent convert from earlier this transfer) baptize his two nieces. I wrote him a post-it with the words he had to say in the baptism and he did PERFECT! I was so proud of him. Mercia and Naily are being well integrated with the young women. Wow nothing is better than baptisms. Seriously its like a spiritual high for you and the people being baptized. Its so special to see these spirits making promises with Heavenly Father.

Nothing more really.... I need to be better about writing in my journal so I can remember all the cool little things that happened during the week. But for now, that is all. I love this gospel and I know this church is true. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world but here, doing what Im doing.

Time Flies

Monday, November 21, 2016

I´m a little emotional this week. I was joking around with my homie, Sister Chamberlain, about how she´s going home in two transfers and how she´s an "old sister" on the mission. It was all fun and games until she looked at me and said "you cant say anything, you only have four left!". I didn´t believe it, counted for myself, and started to cry. You know when you give a baby a bath and they want to stay in the bath forever unitl they´re super pruny and never ever get out? Hello, thats me.

On a more serious note, our week was great! I´m like a world traveler here. We did divisions with sisters in Itapipoca(look it up), 3 hours away. It was such a fun trip. Sister Chamberlain and I got stranded in the bus station for two hours and we enjoyed that moment. I often find myself saying "when is the next time i´m gonna be stranded in the middle of nowhere in a brazilian bus station with another crazy american?" You learn to love the little things on the mission. And learn to love the alternative plan.

We´ve been working hard to find new, promissing investigators but as of yet nothing new. I´ve become more like my dad who cant pass a person on the hiking trail without saying "good morning!", to see if they are our new elect investigators. I have faith this last week of the transfer will be a week of miracles. Mercia and Niley will be baptized byyyyyyyy ELENILSON! He recieved the Aaronic priesthood and will have the honor to baptize his nieces. Also this week Nayara, our recent convert from last transfer recieved a calling in the Relief Society Presidency #proudmissionary. I love seeing the progress of my recent converts. They´re changing their lives and helping others do the same.

I love this gospel with all my heart. I´ve become closer to my Savior and can say that I know Him. This church isn´t just a building but a perfect demonstration of the pure love our Heavenly Father has for us. How I´m so grateful to be a small part of this work.

My sweet Havaianas of Toucans I bought this week.
 Awesome view of the cutest city ever (Itapipoca)
 Sister Chamberlain awaiting the arrival in Itapipoca

This Week's pictures

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

 This is Mercia and Niley: Elenilson´s nieces that will be baptized in two weeks!
No email this week, but look how cute Chandler looks in these pictures! We love our Sister Myers!

Baby's first baptism

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey! Wow did you know it´s November? I LOVE NOVEMBER. IT´S HOME TO THE BEST HOLIDAY (thanksgiving) THAT DOESNT EXIST IN BRAZIL! But it´s okay. I´ll survive.
This week was awesome and busy! The beginning was a little rough because I had a migraine for 3 days and I had to sleep it off. My companion has been calling me a rock ever since because she had a really hard time waking me up haha. #deprivedmissionaryprobs
ELENELSON GOT BAPTIZED!! I think I talked about him in my last email. He had left a really hard life behind recently and when we found him, he had been praying for help to keep strong. Within the past two weeks, we´ve helped him preapre to be baptized, he stopped drinking coffee, became best friends with the men in our ward because of FUTBOL (stereotypical Brazil). There was a huge ward turn out for his baptism and we´re way excited to see him progress. This was my daughter (my companion)´s first baptism!! (get it... baby´s first baptism). She was super happy to see the change in Elenelson and begin to help others do the same.

Backstory to the pictures of the prophets:
So our house used to have Elders. And there was once an elder who collected all the pictures of the prophets and put them on the hallway. But he didnt get all of them so when the sisters came in, they didnt care to put the other pictures up. And the other day I saw him in a conference and he literally came at me running. He got all the pictures for the house hahaha. Knowing that he started his mission IN THIS HOUSE and this is HIS LAST TRANSFER. He looked his whole mission for these pictures. And so Sister Chamberlain and I had some fun with it.

 Sister Chamberlin and I

 I love when Mexican Elders get packages!
 I love sleeping in Hammocks
 Elenilson's baptism
 Our really cute neighbor who plays the guitar for us always.

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