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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hello my dearest family and friends that remember Chandler Myers still exists. (Even I forget sometimes). I'm practically dead because this week was super busy AND SUPER AWESOME. There were a lot of firsts, lots of tears, and lots of smiles!!

First baptism in Jardim Guanabara: GABRIEL GOT BAPTIZED! He's proabably the sweetest 13 year old who had the sweetest baptism. I feel so honored to meet God's children who are so prepared to hear the gospel. He was one of them. The baptism went really well. His aunt and kinda uncle (its complicated) was at the baptism o support him. The young men in this ward have really reached out to him, something that is so so so important for newbies in the church. Gabriel is taking an english class and I always leave 10 minutes before the lesson to help him with spelling and pronunciation. The best is when we leave his house and he yells after us ''SEE YOU TOMORROW!" I'm excited that he did this special promisse with the Lord and see where the Lord takes him.

First Division: As SLT one of your responsibilities is to do divisions with the sister that you're taking care of. So Sister Chamberlain and I went to Aguanabi this week and had a sleepover with the sisters(we worked too!). I was really nervous especially because the majority of these sisters are 1.older than me or 2. have more time on the mission OR BOTH. Imagine little Chandler telling you how you could better serve the Lord. BUT HEY I DID IT. Seriously it was a very spiritual experience for me. I saw that Heavenly Father was qualifying me for that calling which He gave. The spirit testified to me what I needed to say and do to help these sisters better understand the divine callings that they have as servants of the Lord. I love these sisters with all my heart. I love this special calling I have to serve them.

I love the Lord and the little tender mercies He's given me this week. It was a crazy week between divisions, baptisms, interviews, WALKING IN THE SUN OF FORTALEZA FOR THE WHOLE DAY, but I'm so grateful for my call to serve, to be in the greatest place on earth, preaching what I know to be true. I love this gospel and the happiness it brings, most importantly for these children of God that I have the privilege to meet. Find someone or a way to share this love with someone this week.

Sister Myers

 Aguanabi- If you look closely, you can see the largest LDS church that isn't a temple I've ever seen in my life
 Baptism of Gabriel!

 My STL companion is obsessed with Llamas
 Our dear Renta that goes on visits with us everyday that is leaving in two weeks for CAMPINAS!

bem vindo a Jardim Guanabara

Monday, September 19, 2016

 love love love love love love being a missionary. When you go on a mission everyone says hey Chandler, it´s gonna be hard, you know that right? Im sure I rolled my eyes and said "duh" and continued on. But I´m here to say that as a missionary life is the greatest. It´s hard... yes. BUT if you´re working your hardest and loving the Lord, there´s just nothing difficult about it. Theres not. Soemtimes we put these difficulties in front of us. US MESMOS! If you´re focusing on what you need to do to help not only others, but yourself, to come closer to Christ, thats exactly what will happen.

This week we´ve been perparing Gabriel (Gaab-ree-L) for baptism! He has 13 years old and one of the most intelligent little boys I´ve ever met. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and is always brigning along a new friend to church. This week we had stake conference with 2 GENERAL AUTHORITIES! He said when hey were speaking, he saw a light around them. One of the sweetest humans I´ve met in my life. The young men here are really taking him under their wings. He said he´s gonna serve a mission in Arizona so I can make him cookies all the time. If only he knew that I defintely dont cook... or bake. MOM I PROMISE IM LEARNING OKAY?

We´ve also been teaching this great family WOOT WOOT I LOVE FAMILIES! Lidiany, Gersilo, Joao, and Jessica. Lidiany and Gersilo have accepted to GET MARRIED AND BAPTIZED! Lidiany reminds me alot of my sister Monica. She´s always smiling and joking around with us. But when she needs to feel the spirit, shes always looking to better herself. She says she gets so upset with the kids or she gets frustrated, like any mother does. And shes reads a chapter in the Book of Mormon and she feels peace. I wish you could all hear her words as she explains the spirit she feels. Gersilo has been giving up coffee and playing soccer on Sundays, the two biggest temptations in the country of Brazil. And their son, Joao is 8 years old and listening to our messages and will be baptized too! Then theres Princess Jessica that is the twin of my niece Brooklyn. Seriously they are TWINS. The process to get married is a little longer (like how the wedding was with Catia and Valdeon). But I´m excited to see them all in white one day!

Im so grateful for your love and support. I love this gospel and the happiness it brings me. My email and address on are the blog if you have questions about missionary work, the church, or whatever you´d like to send (I accept peanut butter).

Com muito amor,
Sister Myers
 Dress like an Elder day

 Jessica, that looks like my niece Brooklyn.

 Lidiany Gersilo and family

Change is a beautiful thing!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey family and friends! Changes are a beautiful thing. I love love love my new area. It´s very different. Every house is on top of the other here. It´s incredible to see how homes are here. Seriously you enter a house here and it´s never ending. And theres atleast 20 people living in the same house with such little room. I love Brazil. My companion is Sister Andrade. She herself, is a recent covert to the church. She was baptized a year and a half ago. I love her to pieces already and am so proud of what she has accomplished already as she changed her life for the better. Her story reminds me a lot of my parents.If you havent heard their conversion stories, ask them because seriously, I´m here because they were both HUGE pioneers from my family. Im so grateful for them.

This week I´ve spent a lot of time, putting a knee on the ground and talking to my Heavenly Father. There´s something so powerful in a conversation with your loving Heavenly Father, the being who knows you perfectly, in and out. I only get to otalk to family and friends on Mondays but I talk to who is most important to me everyday. Im so grateful for the power of prayer. I´ve literally felt the arms on my dear Heavenly  Father, wrapping me in His arms. The purpose of a mission is not just to help others because closer to God, but for us, as missionaries, AS 18,19,20 YEAR OLDS to truly understand our relationship with God. I love Him and I´m so happy to be His hands, touching the hearts of the people of Brazil. Now in a city called Jardim Guanabara.
I want to invite you all, Mormon or not, to put your knees on the floor and talk to your Heavenly Father. He´ll be there listening. I know, because I´ve put it to the test, maybe even a little too much this week, but He´s there.
Sister Myers
PS My mission address is on the blog if you´d like to send a card. It´s my favorite thing ever seriously. Hint hint wink wink.

When life hands you lemons.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I wish I could have the stength to write a lengthy email for you all. But sometimes life hands you lemons and you are just staring at the lemons in your front and think "what in the world am I gonna do with two yellow balls that smell like my kitchen?". To be very honest (as I have always been very blunt), I´m with fear. Our transfer came in the mail (email) today. I´ve been called to be a Sister Leader Trainer. For those who dont know what that is, I´ll send you an email next week because I don´t know exactly I´ll do but just the title freaks me out. I was trained by two AWESOME SLT, Sister Sousa and Sister Jackson. All I know is that I´m gonna try to be just like them. Why? They were sisters who were examples of the Savior, they relied on Him in every aspect, they were my best friends. I will spend a lot of time on my knees this transfer as I know I´ve never done before. I trust in the Savior and I love Him. He is my best friend. The mission alot of the time is for you. Yes you help other children of God search for our Savior but what a mission does is allow you ONE ON ONE time with your Savior. I have felt Him close and I know He´ll strengthen me. I love to be His missionary here in the Nordeste of Brazil. So here I go, making me some lemonade with the lemons the Lord has given me.

Sister Myers

When in Brazil, you eat mangoes that are the size of your face.
 Conference with Sister Miranda
 Cute Wall

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