Feliz Natal!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This week was a big blur inbetween Christmas Conference and Christmas but it was definately a fun week. Also, talking to the family was absolutely great. News flash: My nieces and nephews are the size of Africa. Wow Im getting old.

The Christmas Conference was SO fun. We went to the largest chapel (5 floors) in the city and celebrated with everyone. Oh how I love conferences. I´m "old" in the mission so I got to see my old friends. A good part of my friends are going home soon and I got to give some last hugs. We all presented different skits and pass the day all together. Theres something special about missions. You´ve passed so many things together, that you become a family. I may have been thousands of miles from home, but I did indeed feel at home with my friends from around the world.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were awesome. Sister Chamberlain and I didnt let it go by without having fun. We made those peanut butter cookies with the kisses on top except without kisses beacsue #brasil. Then we may have filled up our 20L gallon of water with Coca Cola..... Seriously was one of the funniest things I´ve ever done. We actually all got super sick afterwards but it was worth it. Christmas night we hung out with our zone. Rarely are there many sisters in one zone here because the majority of areas arent safe for sisters. So I always feel like I´m in an area with 20 little brothers and taht always makes for a fun day.

This week, I´ve reflected alot on the love of God. Our Zone leaders passed a video this week in district meeting and it really messed with me. I´ll have to find it later. And I was thinking alot about the love God has for us. Im so grateful for the birth of my Savior. Because he was born, I was saved. And because Im saved, I can help others feel this love and protection. I love my call and I love serving my Savior, giving just a tiny part of his sacrifice back to Him.

Ps Next week i´ll send pics because Im in a sketchy email place today.

A special week for the two of us.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Christmas week!! Can you believe that Christmas is already here? Ugh time passes so quickly. This week was truly a week of miracles. And I am so grateful for the little tender mercies God gives us.

You know when you´re overloaded with just about everything? That was me this week. Sister Chamberlain and I went to Itapipoca on Tuesday to do divisions with the sisters there. And this day was crazy because we went to start working and one of the sisters fell into a gutter and cut her leg on metal really deeply. So I instantly went into my "freaked out mom" mode. I took her to the hospital to get stitches on her leg. We spent the whole day there. After we traveled back to our area the next day (3 hrs), we worked normally which was SUCH A BLESSING. The next day I was stuck a home with a migraine(no worries im all good). And then I got a call on Friday from President, asking Sister Chamberlain and I to go to another area and talk with some sisters. So basically I wasnt in my own area at all and my sweet sweet sweet companion took it like a champ. I was so proud of her that she did everything by herself and kept our baptism for the week super strong.

BAPTISM! Our miracle is Denilson. We started talking to him abou 3 weeks ago while knocking doors. He immediately let us in and told us how he used to study with the elders when he was younger but never visited the church. Now he works for two members of the church in our ward. So like my missionary brain ws crying of pure joy. We started to teach him, at his home, at his work and he started to read the Book of Mormon. As we continued to teach him, his testimony of the Book of Mormon became concrete and he doesnt have a doubt that the church is true. He´s married with two little boys (cutest family EVER) and for right now, the wife isn´t very open. But shes going to some ward activities this week so we´re hoping for the best. Denilson´s boss, Eduardo was the one that baptized him. It was a sweet experience for everyone, including me. As I sat in church this week, my thoughts have been turned to my own baptism and what it meant to me. Looking for some info, I saw the day´s date... December 18. Tears filled my eyes as I realized that yesterday, the same day that Denilson was baptized, was the day I was baptized 12 years ago. Im so grateful for that day and hat special promise that I made with the Lord. And im so so so grateful to help ohers make this promise too.

I LOVE THE GOSPEL AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Share the sweet spirit of Christmas with everyone around you. Have a great Christmas and I´ll see my dear Myers family on Sunday! Counting down the seconds!

20 reasons why I love being a missionary

Monday, December 12, 2016

I just wanted to first, thank all the friends and family that send me a congrats this week. My inbox is feeling SUPER LOVED right now. This week was made special by the dear sisters who I live with, the sweet members of Jardim Guanabara, and my mission president and his wife. I couldnt think of a better idea of how to celebrate 20 years of life, than explaining why I love spending just a tiny part of my life, serving the Lord.

1. the feelig of true happiness, true true happiness
2. serving other children of God 24/7
3. getting to know another country, culture, life style
4. meeting the people that I know I knew before this life
5. being a representative of my Savior, whom I love so dearly
6. turning into a better disciple of Christ everyday
7. sharing my testimony to all different types of people
8. learning to appreciate everything that I have
9. putting on a true smile everyday so help others
10. testifying of what I know to be true
11. teaching others how they can be great missionaries too
12. loving others with all my soul
13. making friendships for the eternities
14. teaching the one thing that I love with all my heart (the gospel)
15. eating rice and beans 24/7 (brazil life)
16. learning how to overcome the biggest difficulties
17. knowing exactly what to say for someone who is needing it
18. feeling the presence of Heavenly Father always near me
19. gaining more knowledge of how to be a better daughter, mom and wife one day
20. being a true representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ

Lice & all things nice

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

For all of you who are thinking "yikes, this header doesnt sound good", you would be right. Catching lice is a step that all Brazilian missionaries must take and I am proud to say that I am an official Brazilian missionary.

So the water homies shut off the water for two days because they were making repairs on the line. Wait before this.... Two weeks ago I started to scratch my head ALOT. I went to Sister Chamberlain to check it out. As someone who has never seen lice she said there was just dandruff and I needed to wash my hair. LOL and I listened to her. (I wash my hair regularly okay.) Then we were at lunch and I was DYING. Finally I was like something is not okay and made her look again. Thankfully the member who is a mom checked it out and found TONS of lice. Duh, its been there for 2 dang weeks. So I IMMEDIATELY took some pill that releases a poison in your blood so when lice bite you, they die. I dont know if the states has this... it may be illegal there. #BRAZILPROBS Then I bought the special shampoo and a fine comb. Okay so we go back to the house and we're back to the water thing... WE DONT HAVE WATER. So we grabbed water from the outside hose in buckets and Sister Chamberlain washed my hair by hand (basically like the salon) in our "backyard". As my hair was still wet, she brushed out all the dead lice(and eggs) into this cup (See photo). And we cleaned our house and found tons more. And that is how I caught lice this week.

But besides lice, this week passed by so fast. WE'RE IN DECEMBER! Some houses put up Christmas lights and have baby Christmas trees. Its definately not home but it's almost close. Sister Alfonso and I are working hard to fin dnew investigators and the Lord is helping us find some awesome people. This week I've gotten to work side by side with my mission president, President Bonini and I have so much love for him. He's truly called of God to do what he does. Who else could take care of 200 20 year olds teaching about Jesus. He shares my birthday and has already promised lunch so that should be exciting. I really love being a missionary and Im so happy and priviliged to do what Im doing. People here find out Im in a foregin land speaking a strange language and left absoutely everything to be a missionary and they freak out. In reality, its the biggest blessing that I have in my life and I never want it to end. This week I'll have 11 months on the mission and that means a step closer to the year mark. My heart is dying a little inside. I love thie gospel and I know the Church is true.
 When you catch lice and the water is shut off.

 This fruit is "ata" and it's weird.
 My hair is huge!
 Our zone

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