A special week for the two of us.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Christmas week!! Can you believe that Christmas is already here? Ugh time passes so quickly. This week was truly a week of miracles. And I am so grateful for the little tender mercies God gives us.

You know when you´re overloaded with just about everything? That was me this week. Sister Chamberlain and I went to Itapipoca on Tuesday to do divisions with the sisters there. And this day was crazy because we went to start working and one of the sisters fell into a gutter and cut her leg on metal really deeply. So I instantly went into my "freaked out mom" mode. I took her to the hospital to get stitches on her leg. We spent the whole day there. After we traveled back to our area the next day (3 hrs), we worked normally which was SUCH A BLESSING. The next day I was stuck a home with a migraine(no worries im all good). And then I got a call on Friday from President, asking Sister Chamberlain and I to go to another area and talk with some sisters. So basically I wasnt in my own area at all and my sweet sweet sweet companion took it like a champ. I was so proud of her that she did everything by herself and kept our baptism for the week super strong.

BAPTISM! Our miracle is Denilson. We started talking to him abou 3 weeks ago while knocking doors. He immediately let us in and told us how he used to study with the elders when he was younger but never visited the church. Now he works for two members of the church in our ward. So like my missionary brain ws crying of pure joy. We started to teach him, at his home, at his work and he started to read the Book of Mormon. As we continued to teach him, his testimony of the Book of Mormon became concrete and he doesnt have a doubt that the church is true. He´s married with two little boys (cutest family EVER) and for right now, the wife isn´t very open. But shes going to some ward activities this week so we´re hoping for the best. Denilson´s boss, Eduardo was the one that baptized him. It was a sweet experience for everyone, including me. As I sat in church this week, my thoughts have been turned to my own baptism and what it meant to me. Looking for some info, I saw the day´s date... December 18. Tears filled my eyes as I realized that yesterday, the same day that Denilson was baptized, was the day I was baptized 12 years ago. Im so grateful for that day and hat special promise that I made with the Lord. And im so so so grateful to help ohers make this promise too.

I LOVE THE GOSPEL AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Share the sweet spirit of Christmas with everyone around you. Have a great Christmas and I´ll see my dear Myers family on Sunday! Counting down the seconds!


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