The Challenge To Become

Monday, March 27, 2017

This week, I had the privilege to read a talk that changed me forever. And I want to invite all to read this talk too and see what each of us need to do to BECOME who we need to become.

A mission (and life) is a place where we are expected to change. When a missionary comes homes everyone remembers them as the kid who left to a foreign land and then suddenly they come home adults and completely changed (okay, maybe not REAAAAAL ADULTS). What happens in that period of 18/24 months?

I wouldn't say I'm completely changed because I still don't know how to cook, I still am one of the goofiest people there are, and I ate potato chips for breakfast BUT the Lord has changed me spiritually in ways that I can't express my gratitude for Him. I love this part of the talk. It says "It is not even enough for us to be convinced of the gospel; we must act and think so that we are converted by it. In contrast to the institutions of the world, which teach us to know something, the gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something."

The gospel of Jesus Christ has changed me and saved me in ways that are countable. And because of the gospel, I love being here on the mission. Its a love that I have SO SO big in my heart. To see others feel how I feel, to BECOME, is something that I´ll never forget.  It´s a weekly analization I do with myself....
When was the last time I was changed? When was the last time I become something of my Savior that I didn't have before?
Because isn't that what we are here to do in this life? To become someone greater than we were? I know that if we let the Savior into our lives, open the door wide open for Him, and we are willing to become, we will be.

Sister Myers

Things that only happen on the mission: letting your companion cut your hair
 When your daughter has a daughter (I BECAME A GRANDMA)
 All my friends are going home :(
 Sister Andrade <3
 I found salt and vinegar chips in the grocery store and I cried. Yes. Real tears.
 Two things I love the most: Coca Cola and letters from Sister Chamberlain

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello family and friends!! Can you believe that March is ending?? I marked my entire planner this week as Feb. and my companion died laughing. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS MARCH. Time passes so quickly.
Anyways this week was kinda cray cray. Sadly, one of the sisters we were with had to go home because of health issues so now little Sister Myers is with two other sisters and 2 HUGE areas. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, Presidente, a litle less trust would be great. BUT the Lord is always giving us new chances to grow and for that I am so grateful.
It was a hard week to say goodbye to this sister... I truly felt the love our Heavenly Father has to us. When she couldnt sleep, neither could I. And of course she couldnt cry without Sister Myers in a ball of tears with her. But it strengthened my testimony of the pure pure love Heavenly Father has for us. I´ve been reading the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, specifically about how these old missionaries were painfully hurt when they could see iniquity in their brothers. And they passed all of their days preaching and serving and preaching and serving just to save one precious soul. I love this work, more than anything in this world. I love my mission, theres nothing else I want to do no matter the trials, the heartaches, the difficulties. I want to stay here forever (sorry mom) and preach this sweet gospel... even if its just to save one soul.

The best car plate
 Senhor Evandro, he gives us candy ever Sunday.
 Senhor Evandro, one of my favorite human beings on the planet representing Merica.
 Baptism of Dona Teresinhina

 Sister M3 (Sister Myers, Sister Matos and Sister Meneses)

A special testimony

Monday, March 6, 2017

 Burnt to a crisp, thanks to Carnaval
 My favorite Irma had a birthday and had to make her Pave
 The View
 The house of Sisters, all are so young except for me (tears)
Officially 14 months out on the mission!

My apologies my dear friends and family for not writing last week... I would have like to write but EVERYTHING IS BRAZIL WAS SHUT DOWN. So last week was Carnaval. I imagined the movie "Rio" with those blue birds that fall in love. If you have not seen this film, its a much watch. I watched it about a thousand times before I came to Brazil thinking it would be just like that. Turns out that Carnaval in the movie really only happens in big cities like Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo. But everyone left the city to go to the beautiful beaches of the Nordeste. Long story short, no one was here. Literally no one. I´ve never talked to so many dogs and cats in my life. And all the computer places were shut down so I couldnt email.

This week I completed one of my mission goals... I finished reading "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage. As I was preparing for my mission, I was doing my bags and I mentioned for my mom that we had to buy this book because it was on the list for the mission. My dad had mentioned that we already had a copy. Little did I know that this copy, was the same copy that my dad took on his own mission.  As I began to read (and finally finish), I would like to bear my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  As a representative of Him, I have the privilege to show the love, compassion, and patience that He has for my brothers and sisters here in Fortaleza. This is a special testimony that I can give only for a little bit longer...

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador. Por isso, eu amo ele com todo de meu coração. Eu sou uma pessoa imperfeita e preciso muito a graça Dele em minha vida. Mais e mais que eu aprendo sobre a vida divina Dele, eu reconheço Ele como meu Salvador, meu grande irmão, e melhor amigo. A mão dele sempre esta la que precisamos. Como sou grata por aquela mão. Precisava e ainda preciso-la em todos momentos. Sou grata por a oportunidade a servir como meu Salvador a da um pedaço de tempo sagrado a ele durante minha missão.

I began to write in English but my mind wouldnt let me remember the right words. But I hope you can all still feel the peace and love that I feel when I can write or talk about my Savior.

Sister Myers
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