Change is a beautiful thing!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey family and friends! Changes are a beautiful thing. I love love love my new area. It´s very different. Every house is on top of the other here. It´s incredible to see how homes are here. Seriously you enter a house here and it´s never ending. And theres atleast 20 people living in the same house with such little room. I love Brazil. My companion is Sister Andrade. She herself, is a recent covert to the church. She was baptized a year and a half ago. I love her to pieces already and am so proud of what she has accomplished already as she changed her life for the better. Her story reminds me a lot of my parents.If you havent heard their conversion stories, ask them because seriously, I´m here because they were both HUGE pioneers from my family. Im so grateful for them.

This week I´ve spent a lot of time, putting a knee on the ground and talking to my Heavenly Father. There´s something so powerful in a conversation with your loving Heavenly Father, the being who knows you perfectly, in and out. I only get to otalk to family and friends on Mondays but I talk to who is most important to me everyday. Im so grateful for the power of prayer. I´ve literally felt the arms on my dear Heavenly  Father, wrapping me in His arms. The purpose of a mission is not just to help others because closer to God, but for us, as missionaries, AS 18,19,20 YEAR OLDS to truly understand our relationship with God. I love Him and I´m so happy to be His hands, touching the hearts of the people of Brazil. Now in a city called Jardim Guanabara.
I want to invite you all, Mormon or not, to put your knees on the floor and talk to your Heavenly Father. He´ll be there listening. I know, because I´ve put it to the test, maybe even a little too much this week, but He´s there.
Sister Myers
PS My mission address is on the blog if you´d like to send a card. It´s my favorite thing ever seriously. Hint hint wink wink.


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