Baby's first baptism

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey! Wow did you know it´s November? I LOVE NOVEMBER. IT´S HOME TO THE BEST HOLIDAY (thanksgiving) THAT DOESNT EXIST IN BRAZIL! But it´s okay. I´ll survive.
This week was awesome and busy! The beginning was a little rough because I had a migraine for 3 days and I had to sleep it off. My companion has been calling me a rock ever since because she had a really hard time waking me up haha. #deprivedmissionaryprobs
ELENELSON GOT BAPTIZED!! I think I talked about him in my last email. He had left a really hard life behind recently and when we found him, he had been praying for help to keep strong. Within the past two weeks, we´ve helped him preapre to be baptized, he stopped drinking coffee, became best friends with the men in our ward because of FUTBOL (stereotypical Brazil). There was a huge ward turn out for his baptism and we´re way excited to see him progress. This was my daughter (my companion)´s first baptism!! (get it... baby´s first baptism). She was super happy to see the change in Elenelson and begin to help others do the same.

Backstory to the pictures of the prophets:
So our house used to have Elders. And there was once an elder who collected all the pictures of the prophets and put them on the hallway. But he didnt get all of them so when the sisters came in, they didnt care to put the other pictures up. And the other day I saw him in a conference and he literally came at me running. He got all the pictures for the house hahaha. Knowing that he started his mission IN THIS HOUSE and this is HIS LAST TRANSFER. He looked his whole mission for these pictures. And so Sister Chamberlain and I had some fun with it.

 Sister Chamberlin and I

 I love when Mexican Elders get packages!
 I love sleeping in Hammocks
 Elenilson's baptism
 Our really cute neighbor who plays the guitar for us always.


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