3 weeks in the field, 2 months as a missionary and 1 special baptism.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Holy cow family and friends. I can´t believe its Monday again already! Time really does fly when you´re having fun. I´ve officially been in Conjuntos Novo Ceara for 3 weeks. I cannot describe how much I love my area. Most of my mission I´ve learned is city, which is exactly not what you think of when you think of Brazil. But I´m in an outskirt suburb so I really get to experience the Brazil you think of. Congrats Mom, you´ve made it through 2 months of your baby living on a different continent, only 16 more to go!!

This week was a special one. A young girl that we´ve taught since I got to our area got baptized yesterday! It was so speical to see her progress over the past three weeks and see her so excited to follow Christ. Her name is Maria Eduarda. Everyone and their mom is named Maria here so they always attach another name after. She´s the sweetest and and little sassy. She reminds me of an older version of my niece, Hallie.

It´s hard to think of specific occurances throughout the week because the days melt into one. But something important to me this week is personal study. My companion has buckets of Liahonas (Mormon magaizes written by our Aposotles of the Church) in English so she can practice the language. Its awesome because I happen to know Englsih. I´ve probably read close to 15 whole Liahonas this week. I´ve found that when we´re searching the words of God, we can qquickly recieve answers to questions we never knew we had. One quote about missionary work touched my heart: " Everyday those purposes and goals were clear to them; they knew what they needed to do and that each day´s progress mattered". Everyday I share the most important message, the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to other children of God. I am simply a guide to help others come unto Christ. That is my purpose. That is why I´m a missionary.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me. I am astounded every week with the amount of love and support I have around the world. I send out about 3 or 4 letters every week. It would be awesome to have addresses of those who´d like to recieve a letter, 2 months after I´ve written it. Thank you.
I love you all and pray for you all everyday.

Sister Myers

A huge wasp. Yes. A Wasp. That can kill you. 
 Sister Souza bakes cookies every week and calls me the cookie monster because I eat them all before she can share.
 Maria's baptism.
 Me and Maria.


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