Week 8

Monday, February 29, 2016

Olaaaaaa! How crazy that it´s been a week already. Time really does fly by on the mish. I´ve been trying to read everyones emails and respond so I apologize if I dont get to them. I didnt know this many people knew I existed! Thank you so much for your love and support. Its crazy to think America is real and people there are cheering me on.
THIS WEEK was one for the records... literally.
So I live with my companion, and another duo. The two senior companions had a meeting with the President since their Sister Training Leaders in town, an hour away. So the whole day, Sister Mish and I took on Conjuntos Ceara. Shes been out for a month and I´d been out for a little more than a week. Seriously imagine two white girls walking down the streets of Brazil trying so hard to speak Portugese and understand people. Fun fact: we did 103 CONTACTS IN ONE DAY. It´s a mission record. Which is crazy when you understand the cirumstances. Also, this week at church we had NINE investigators come with us. NINE. So basically everyone we´re teaching. Which is such a miracle because getting people to go to church is the hardest part of baptism. Sister Souza at the of the day just prayed and thanked God for what had happened sunday.
Also this week we started teaching a FAMILY. A WHOLE FAMILY. Seriously the best thing in the world. We were trying to find the house of this man we contacted earlier in the week and knocked on the door of this family. They invited us in and the Mom expressed all these questions about religion and how shes been studying for ages about what religion is best for her kids. Immediately SIster Souza and I smiled. God really does prepare people where we are called to hear the Gospel. They have three daughters. Kinda reminds me of the Myers family. After a couple lessons they´ve commited to baptism as a family. First the parents have to get married so we´ll be apart of that as well. I just cant describe the feeling of bringing a family the gift of being together forever.
I dont think I explained food in my last email. RICE, BEANS, MEAT, JUICE, AND CAKE. That sums it up. We eat rice and beans (all different kids, we dont judge here in Brazil), and meat (usually carne asada or chicken). JUICE. The juice here has changed my life. My favorite is guava. But everyone drinks Coke (Diet Coke doesnt exist here, tears), and Guanana. Right now Im addicted to this coconut bread they have. Its hard to explain but its basically a pastry with coconut inside. I finally figured out how to convert kilos into pounds for our scale in our apartment and lets just say I probably shouldnt have.

SISTER MYERS IS SO HAPPY. In my study time, I´ve studied alot about the life of Chirst both in Jerusalem and the Americas (Bible and Book of Mormon). In Preach My Gospel we´re promised that when we learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ, we are blessed with more faith and attributes like Christ. As His servant thats all I want to me. On every missionary´s name tag it says their name and the name of Christ. Theres a reason for that. I am no longer Chandler. I am simply a servant to act as Christ would. That is the mission of a missionary. I love you all and I promise I dont have parasites yet.
PS:I´ve made up this quote about Brazil: You´re either Catholic, Evangelica (idk what this is in America tbh), or if you´re wearing clothes, you´re mormon. 
PS: There are pictures of my sunburn complete with a tan line from my Brazil necklace, a lipstick smiley face on my forehead, courtesy of FHE with a less active family, Isabel (with pink extensions) who recived the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday, and two young men who are less actives that we went and did FHE with. Sister Souza and I are really close to their family.


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