Week Four!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Oi oi! Tudo bem tudo bem! (we have an elder in our district that says everything twice so now I do it and its such an annoying habit so I apologize) Life is so good here in the Provo Missionary Training Center. Its very cold. We've been hit with snow this entire week and my legs and feet are forever numb. But it'll be good to have a change when I leave for Brazil. Only two weeks left! My official departure date for Brazil is Febuary 16 which is absolutely insane. Sometimes you just think that you're gonna be in the MTC forever. Turns out, thats not how it goes. They are in fact sending me to a third world country, speaking a language I don't know.  But its all good!
I was horrible at keeping journal entries this week because when you get back to your room for the night, there is no way I can spend 20 minutes writing before I fall asleep. Just doesnt happen. So bear with me if this is short or doesnt make sense... or both. (Fun fact about exhaustion: I currently have swollen eyelids from exhaustion and I cant figure out how to keep them down so I can actually open my eyes. If you have advice, please PLEASE Dear Elder me. Thanks lol)

One experience that was just the COOLEST this week was Tuesday. Everyday my companions and I teach two different investigators two different lessons. So we usually prepare the day before. So we had prepared both of our lessons and we were about to walk into our first lesson with Marcos after our prayer and my companion was like STOP. And i freaked out. I thought like she was dying. To my dismay, she told my other companion and I that the lesson we had prepared for, was not the lesson he needed. A feeling from the Holy Ghost sat upon each of us as we agreed. We took a whole half a second to agree that we needed to teach the Word of Wisdom. Our lesson went so well. We kept it really simple and invited him to keep this commandment from God and stop drinking alcohol and coffee. We were so excited to hear his agree to come closer to Christ. I have such a strong testimony of the Word of Wisdom and the blessings we can recieve when we treat our bodies like Temples of God. So that lesson was awesome. All three of us were so intune to the Spirit and what Marcos really needed that day.

So another funny story. Later that day, we were waiting to teach our next investigator and the same companion says "Guys, I'm really sorry to say this again. But Giovanni needs another lesson from us today". So we prayed again, and waited for an answer of what he needed to hear. And we didnt get an answer. So we just went in with the lesson we planned. We began by following up with our invitation from the day before; reading the introduction of the Book of Mormon. AND HOLY COW HE HAD SO MANY QUESTIONS! Which for a missionary is gold, because it means he has a desire to understand and know more. By the end of explaining the answers to his questions we were out of time and each bore our testimonies. It was probably the most powerful lesssons we've had.

I'm so grateful to hear and receive answers to prayers from my Heavenly Father. I have a testimony of this church. I know with out a doubt in my heart, that Christ lives. He is OUR Savior, and he is my best friend. God knows us individually on a micro particle level. He knows this is a hard road for me. He knows Portuguese is not easy. He knows being away from family and friends is hard. But Salvation and returning back to God one day, isnt an easy road. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love I've felt here from home. Obrigada muita. Eu amo voces.
Sister Myers

 We've had tons of snow this week! I'm tired of it!
 Week 4 means lots of power naps.
 My district and I on our temple walk.


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