So Brasil is a real thing..

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oi! I´m officially in Brasil and typing on a Brazilian keyboard. All three flights were super long and not very much time to call home unfortunately. But President and Sister Bonini picked me up right at Fortaleza airport and here I am! From the 10 minute car ride I can tell you that I´´m not in culture shock yet. From what I saw, it seems really similar to Mexico except SO GREEN. Flying into Fortaleza was like when you fly over Scottsdale and see all the golf courses except its TREES NOT GOLF COURSES. I´m really doing great,  much better than I thought. But thats probably because I´ve been here for a solid hour. CAN YOU BELEIVE IM IN SOUTH AMERICA?? I´m not sure when my P-Day is yet or anything for that matter so I´ll keep you updated. I love you all so much. Let the adventure begin!!


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