The Week of M's: Mono, Month Mark, and Mashed Potatoes

Monday, February 8, 2016

I am a positive human being. And with that being said, this week was really difficult. So lets talk about the M's this week: Mono, Month mark, and Mashed Potatoes.

Mono: LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I HAVE NOT KISSED AN ELDER OR HUGGED AN ELDER OR HELD HANDS WITH AN ELDER OR EVEN MADE EYE CONTACT WITH AN ELDER. Apparently mono is called the "kissing disease" and I just needed to make that clear.  So I went to the doctor on Tuesday this week for my swollen eyelids (guys they were like completely folded over my eyes). The doctor couldn't figure out why I had them, especially since they were my only symptom. So he took blood and ran it for various medical shenanigans and asked me to return Thursday. Little did the doctor or I know that Wednesday morning I would wake up with 1. a fever 2. swollen tonsils (like my entire neck was swollen) 3. a killer throat pain 4.body aches . Yes, I know what you're thinking. It WAS a fun week. So I went to the doctor on Thursday for my follow up and he said my blood was great (hey thanks doc ;) ) besides my WBC and RBC'S were abnormally high. When this happens, it means your body is fighting off an infection. So I enlightened him on what I was experiencing. He looked at my throat and CRINGED. I KID YOU NOT HE CRINGED. And he looked at me and said so it's either strep or mono. He did the strep test thingy that they stick a big Q-Tip down your throat and it makes you gag. Returned back 10 minutes later and is like SOOOOOOOO you dont have strep. Which means you have mono. As he reviewed my blood results again, of course he found mono. He told me mono took forever to heal and that I'd probably have to stay another week at the MTC. And theres no cure for mono besides sleep. So i was basically really angry. Because I got put on bed rest and my body felt like death. I really wish I had pictures for you this week, but I literally sat in bed, chugged water, and downed Ibuprofen. My sincerest apologies. OKAY GUYS HERES THE GOOD NEWS! So I've been PRAYING like 3am on my knees crying and praying that this would stop. Like 20 times a day. I was so sick they let me email my parents to let them know so I asked for them to fast for me this Sunday. SO TODAY! I had another doctors appointment and the doctor looked at my eyelids, looked at my throat, felt my neck and just sat there in silence. Then he said, Sister Myers, when is the last time you had your fever? I responded probably yesterday morning. Then the doctor said," Sister Myers, you shouldn't be this healthy. The white stuff(he used a medical term but i dont remember) is gone from your throat, you've broken your fever for 24 hours, your tonsils are completely back to normal, and your eyelids are fine." I kid you not, I could've cried. I am a modern day miracle and it feels so good. GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS. HE DOES LISTEN TO US WHEN WE ARE IN NEED. THE CHURCH IS TRUE PEOPLE. Anyways, I still feel not so hot, but definitely better. I have another appointment on Thursday which will determine if I can go to Brazil or not.

Month mark: I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN A MISSIONARY FOR A MONTH! How crazy is that!! Mom, YOURE SURVIVING!!  I cant express how life changing, difficult, blessed, and happiness I've felt. And I can't wait for another 17 months of it. A week from today I'll be on a plane for Brazil, starting the crazy part of my adventure.

Mashed Potatoes: This is really such a sad story. I was sooo sick Sunday and havent been eating anything because it hurt my throat. And the one food in  the cafeteria I love is mashed potatoes. And they only serve them on Sundays right? So I was in bed all day long Sunday, and I got up for this mashed potatoes. I went to the service counter and asked for a huge plate of mashed potatoes cause i've been sick. I've never been so happy in my life. Its the small things.

I'm really happy to be where I am. I've felt your prayers for me, especially this week and I am so grateful for all of you. Heavenly Father still performs miracles and I can testify of that. I know God hears, and answers our prayers when we give our hearts to Him. Next week I'll be emailing from Fortaleza, Brazil. I can't wait to finally be where I've been called. I love being a missionary and I love this Gospel. It's the only way to have pure happiness. I love you all so much.
Com muito amor,
Sister Myers


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