O Que e Brasil?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ola! I don´t have a bunch of time to write this week. I wish I did because this week has been absolutely amazing and insane. I only have a half hour today but usually I´ll have 1.5 hours to email. Our zone is struggling so the President wants us out working. I apologize in advance for my poor spelling and grammar because I´m typing on a Portuguese keyboard. I promise I´m not illiterate yet.

Okay. So last Monday morning I flew from SLC-ATL-SAO PAULO-FORATLEZA. It was SUCH a long trip but I met a lot of cool people on the planes. I almost always had a member sit next to me, even on my Brazilian planes. President and Sister Bonini picked me up at the airport. i was the only on because the other missionaries flew in from the Brazil MTC in the morning. They´re both really nice, but neither of them speak English... at all. So that was fun. When I got to the mission home I met the district I would have been in at Brazil MTC. I learned that there were no Sisters in the district so thats why I was at Provo.

My companion: My companion is Sister Souza. She´s a native from Sao Paulo. But she went to BYU and lived in Utah for a couple years so she also knows English. TOTALLY the best of both worlds. She´s super nice and I love her already. This is her last transfer in the mission before she goes home. We run together every morning which kinda kills because the humidity is so bad. But you cant eat rice and beans every day and not expect to get fat. I love companion study with her because I´ll read the Portuguese Book of Mormon outloud and she´ll read mine in English.

Area: I´m in Ceara. It´s also what the state is called but its like Maricopa. Maricopa is a county and a city. It´s really safe here. I live with my companion and another set of sisters. One is from Brasil and the other is from Maryland and seriously the whitest girl I´ve ever seen. I love them so much too. The american and I joke around and talk in english but then the other sisters do the same. If mom saw where I was serving in, she´d die. It looks similar to Mexico but when you´re in the homes, you really seee the poverty. One night I just cried because this family has 10 people living with them and their house is the size of our living room. It´s so humbling to say the least. Kids here always ask me about my house and if i had a car in America and I have to find ways around tellling them the truth.
The church bldg here is beautiful. It´s the size of a small temple.. seriously. I´m sure you could google earth my area although dont let mom do it without dad next to her. Mom, I promise I´m safe lol.

Sister Myers: I´m so happy. I thought I´d be in a huge culture shock but so far its not too bad. I have moments like I said above but other than that I think going to Mexico really helped me understand that people just have differenet circumstances than we do. The members all call me SIster America. Without FAIL every person we meet asks me if I´m from China. It´s seriously the funniest. The language is difficult to understand but I can speak it well. Sister Souza said I´m the best American to train with the language thus far, but I definitely dont feel that way. I think the people think I´m stupid and I hate feeling like that.

I dont have more time but next week I´ll be able to respond to your emails. Thank you for your love!!

Com muito amor,
Sister Myers


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