Monday, January 25, 2016

OI FAMILIA E AMIGOS. First and foremost, thank you SO much for all the emails, letters, and Dear Elders. I hope you could feel the rush of excitement as a missionary when you get one of these. It's seriously like OH YEAH, THERES LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE MTC. I'll try to keep this week shorter since last week, I typed so much that my hands were shaking after.  I am out of what most missionaries call "the honeymoon phase". DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I love being a missionary and feel so blessed to be here but the difficulty is increasing. Portuguese is good. I can comprehend when someone is speaking to me. Which says a lot because most of my district really stuggles with understanding. But I have no doubt that it's becaue I've grown up listening to a lot of Spanish. THANK YOU MOM, DAD, & HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH TEACHERS. My two teachers both served in Brazil so they help with my accent. The Brazilian accent is SO much different than the Portugal Portuguese. I'm sure you could YouTube it...(is that still a thing?).

Devotionals this week were KILLER. Honestly I dont know how the MTC does it but they choose the COOLEST people. On Tuesday, we heard from Enrique Fallabella, of the Seventy. He spoke about how we are FULL TIME MISSIONARIES. We eat, sleep, and think about missionary work. He even said that we need to dream in our mission language about missionary work. Little does he know that I dream about food outside of the MTC. The on Wednesday we saw the World-Wide Missioanry Broadcast. It was shown to EVERY MISSIONARY IN THE WORLD! There were 6 Aposotles present, and they all killed it. They talked about Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. I dont know if you can see it on lds.org but if you can, WATCH IT. I feel like it answered any question that a missionary could have. Then last night we heard from the Missionary Department Director... I cant remember his name and I dont have my journal. But he basically straight up told us that if we werent 110% focused on the mission and the people were serving, than whats the point? We all left the building like holy cow, that talk was so blunt and EXACTLY what every missionary needs.

I wish so badly that you all could meet my district. I'll be sure to add a picture of all of us this week. Theres 5 sisters and 2 elders and we're seriously a family here. This week we sang a special number in church. We sang Love is Spoken Here. The first two verses in Portuguese, and the duet part in English. What I love about this experience was this song talks a lot about home. For us, we've become our family away from our families, which is so hard. But we just care for each other so much because we're each fighting our own battles and for any day but Monday, we're all we have. I dont know... I just really love them and hope my family can meet them one day.

I can't think of much else but if you have questions just email or Dear Elder and I can repsond next Monday.

Eu tenho um testimundo que etse igreja e verdadero. Eu seu que O Livro de Mormon e a palavra de Deus. Estau muito felizes por este evangelho e todo pessoas podem tener este felicidades. Eu testifico que Jesus e o Cristo e nosso Salvador.

Com muito amor,
Sister Myers

PS: I'm like 90% sure I'm staying at the Provo MTC for the 6 weeks so woot woot!!

This is my district, AKA, the best district.
 Me and Elder Fisk during break time catching Swedish Fish
 Week 3


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