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Monday, January 18, 2016

2 weeks in of the MTC, and 4 more to go.
I feel so overwhelmed to ensure that I tell you EVERYTHING but seriously I get on email and forget what happened during the week. The days go by slow but the week goes by fast here. The days melt together. Okay so I'm going to try to go chronologically so I can remember.
Tuesday: It was an absolute emotional roller coaster. My companions and I taught our investigator, Eric, for the third time. We were so excited to have him commit to be baptized and begin his journey in following Christ. Our Portuguese is slow but it's definitely getting better. I understand about almost all of it now when others are speaking to me, but i still have a hard time responding, but that comes with time (aka not 2 weeks, duh Chandler). By dinner time, we had 7 hours of studying and we were all so grouchy and drained. Instead of preparing for our lesson, my companions and I started sharing scriptures outloud that were our favorite. It instantly brought back the Spirit and gave all of us the energy to finish the day. I've never felt a 180 degree change so strongly before. The scriptures are the word of God! I felt prompted to write one of our scriptures on the board. Later that night, one of our elders walked in, saw our scripture, and started crying. He was having a hard day as well. He just stared at the board until he looked at me and asked if I had written it. I nodded as he explained that that scripture was his dad's last words to him before he left. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and we should always act when He needs us to act. Later that night, ELDER ANDERSEN SPOKE AT DEVOTIONAL!!!! By far the coolest experience yet. Before he spoke we sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" and I absolutely lost it. God's plan for me is definitely not my own but in that very moment, I understand why I was in Provo and why I'm going to Brazil. Heavenly Father needs me in those places at this time in my life and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Elder Andersen's talk was on Jesus Christ. My favorite part of the talk was his comparison of the Apostles of the church to missionaries. We have the exact same calling, to invite others to come unto Christ and always testify of Him. I thought that was really cool because I'm just a little 19 year with spunk and he's one of God's chosen Apostles to be on this earth. After, I ran into Kevin Markham (family friend). I couldnt hug him so he gave me a big handshake. He was checking up on me and I loved seeing a familiar face. As I was walking away with my companions, I started bawling. It was like seeing my dad. Him and Kevin are best friends and so alike that it really made me miss home. But I'm much better now Mom, dont worry.
Wednesday: The big highlight of today was taking a nap. Our Branch President allows us to take a nap during gym time if you feel like you're overworked and getting sick. I definitely felt that way this week. It was a small power nap but it was well needed. Other than that it was a pretty typical 18 hour day.
Thursday: Irmao Sears's lesson (we decided he looks like Harry Potter) was awesome.  He showed us this video about this family in San Diego that was converted by sister missionaries. They had two little kids. And the whole family got baptized. Later in the video, it showed the family a year later, entering the temple (with the sister missionaries in attendance, no longer on their missions) and being sealed as a family for all time and ETERNITY. As the video ended and I looked across the room, every sister and elder was crying, including our teacher. MISSIONARY WORK IS NOT ABOUT BAPTISMS. It's about giving families the gift to be with each other forever, something that no other religion does.  That feeling in our classroom, was one of those moments of "this is why were here".
Friday: WE GOT ANOTHER TEACHER. And surprise, it is our investigator Eric! So fun fact, in the MTC "an investigator" arent ever really investigators. Eric's real name is Irmao Alves and he's from Brazil. So during the week (Tues-Sat) we have two lessons every day(3 hours each) from each teacher. KINDA INSANE. It takes a whole lot of brain power let me tell ya. But I really love both of my teachers. Its nice to have Irmao Alves because he teaches me the correct way to pronounce words in Brazil rather than the Portugal Portuguese that we learn in class. Also, SHOUTOUT TO MOMMA MYERS. We ended this long day to a box full of cupcakes and my district has named her, the coolest mom of the district, as have I. Thank you mom. It really made all the difference that day. You rock. Also, my Branch President said that on Fridays is when the travel office annouces itineraries so if I do leave, I would find out on a Friday. I AM PRAYINNNNGGGG that I stay in Provo. (I'll explain later)
Apparently Saturday was boring because I dont remember at all soooo Sunday:
Sacrament was awesome. It was a first week in a full-on Portuguese Church meeting. Then I taught the Relief Society lesson (in English, whew). Sundays are nice because theyre so chill. Our devotional that night was Janice Kapp Perry. Shes "Mormon famous" for writing popular Childrens Books songs. I've never heard such a funny old lady in my LIFE. Her husband like came up while she was talking about how they met AND DIPPED HER AND KISSED HER ON THE LIPS. IN A DEVOTIONAL. TO MISSIONARIES. I was sitting inbewteen one of our elders and my companion and we all just looked at each other like "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?" And her talk was basically all of us singing primary songs. BEST DEVO EVER.
Today (Monday): As a district we went to the Provo temple and did sealings and endowments. I just love my district with my whole heart. Theres 5 sisters and 2 elders and we're literally a little family. Most districts are kinda segregated with sisters and elders just cause its like really weird to see guys be elders and be friends with them haha. But we're really close with our elders. I'm excited for laundry. I'm already getting tired of my clothes. (Shopaholic probs)
So I mentioned it in my last email but dearelder.com is the besting invented. It allows you to send letters during the week and honestly getting a letter is like Christmas here. Also, alot of people have asked for my MTC address. It should be  on my blog. I love you all so much. THANK YOU FOR THE EMAILS YOU GUYS ROCK.
I love this Gospel and I know that Jesus is the Christ.
Bom dia!
Sister Myers

All the girls in the district because #selfienation

 Sister Pegram <3
Accomplished Week 2! 
Thanks Mom and Tanya for the yummy surprises!
 Only a fifth of the books I have here & my tag!


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