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Monday, January 11, 2016

Oi familia e amigos! I have SO much to tell you all. I feels crazy that I've only been here since Wednesday. It seems like forever. The word around here is "if you make it to Sunday, you're golden" ANNNNND ITS MONDAY YALL! Okay so I'm just gonna answer the basic questions that every crazy mom needs the answer to when her baby becomes a missionary.
The food: It's not great but it's not bad. I eat a lot of salads (SURPRISE) and fruit. They have those canned pears that mom would have at dinner time and I eat a huge bowl of them. I try to stay away from ice cream and the normal meals because I just sit in the classroom most of the day. And water in the morning and caffeine free Diet Coke for dinner and lunch. You got to treat yo'self.
Workout: I LOVE WORKING OUT SO SO MUCH. I've been running 4 miles everyday (besides Sunday) and then doing like arms, or abs, or legs. I actually just did arms so my arms are shaking trying to email.
Language: Some days I think I'm a pro and others I cant tell if Im in a Portuguese class or Chinese. But its coming along quickly. Thursday I bore my testimony completely in Portuguese and Friday we learned prayers so I say all  my prayers now in Portuguese. Usually I have to pause and think about what I want to say then translate it, but today I was in the Provo Temple and I said a prayer in Portuguese and it just like came to me. The gift of tongues is so real. We taught our first lesson in Portuguese on Friday and it totally crashed and burned but on Saturday, we knew EXACTLY what to say to our investigator, Eric, and it was such a sweet experience.
Companions: HOLY COW DID I LUCK OUT! My companions are Sister Pegram and Sister Anderson. I'm in a trio and I love them so so so so much. Sister Pegram and I like cry at everything. And we all work so well together. The other two sisters in the pictures are Sister Hansen and Sister Bird and theyre in our district and room. Seriously theyre my best friends and I feel like I've known all of them together. I feel so blessed. Every one in my district just wants to be here and change lives and its the best.I feel like I've known them forever.
Brazil or Provo MTC: I know without a doubt that I was supposed to go to the Provo MTC for a reason. These past 5 days have been the happiest days of my life, even though its way cold outside. Stake President asked me before I left to find out why I went to Provo insetad of Brazil. I honestly can say that my Heavenly Father knows me and my needs and the transition to Provo and the poeple I've meet are why I'm here.
Sleep: You get none of it. We go to bed around 10:30 and then wake up at 6... or if youre in my room all 5 of us girls waits for the alarm to go off at least 3 times before we wake up. Its not bad now... you get used to it. Nighttime I dont have a lot of alone time because I have to shower and we do a room devotional and prayer and then I do journal for as long as I can.
Laundry: Mom, yes, I am doing my laundry. You get an hour on P-Days to do it. Its in this huge laundry mat thingy. It kinda reminds me of that episode of Friends with Ross and Rachel. Hahaha I miss TV a wee bit.
Feeling: I've never felt so happy in my life. I've heard people complain about the MTC but I know this is EXACTLY where my Heavenly Father wants me to be at this very moment. Days are long but God definitely has blessed me with strength and energy in my times inability. There are a lot of tears from feeling the Spirit. It's a nonstop feeling here and thats so indescribable. I really do feel the support and love sent from AZ. It definitely gets me through.
If you go to dearelder.com you can send letters throughout the week and I get it the day you send it. And we check the mail twice a day. JUST SAYING:)
Eu seu que a igreja de Jesus Cristo esta verdadiero. Eu seu que Deus quer me ser uma misanaira em Brazil. Eu seu que Espriito Santo esta com me todos. Eu grata por minha familia and amigos. Eu grata por minha Salvador e Deus. Voces amau me e todos pessoas. Eu amua este igreja y mi missao.
Todos estaou TUDO BEM!!!!
Sister Myers

Sister Whitaker and I. She's my friend from Idaho that is going to Cleveland. 
 Sister Pegram and I (she's my favorite)
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