I'm Alive!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hi mei and pai! I'm officially at the MTC and our Branch President allowed us to email home before we go to bed. I don't have a lot of time. I'm so physically tired. Caffiene free Diet Coke isnt cutting it. Our days are so insanely packed that meals are my favorite so I can breathe. Food isnt horrible. I talked tp my Branch President about me coming here instead of Brazil MTC and he said with my situation it typically means that my companion didnt show up and that I wouldnt have a companion there so they put me here. I'll most likely leave in 2-3 weeks because i have a visa. But Im in a trio here anyways... Most of my district are going to Portugal and Cape Verde. Im the only Brazilian missionary. Today I shared my testimony in Portuguese... already. They stuff info in your brain as much as possible. My spanish has helped SOOO much. Portuguese is basically Spanish with a weird accent. Okay I love you guys!! I have to go. Im awesome here


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