One Transfer Down!

Monday, March 28, 2016

I´m sitting here reading all these emails about Easter and laughing because it´s very much not a thing here. Okay I lied. Its a thing. But its more like "we got the whole weekend off so we´re all gonna get wasted" which is basically what happens here in Brazil every other day, so pretty normal. We didn´t do much to celebrate, it felt weird. Church was even different. We still had meetings and we had 3 talks about family, none about why we celebrate Easter. It was quite sad.... the church doctrines here are the same but the culture can be so different at times. But at our Easter lunch, Sister Souza´s parents surprised her at the house we were eating at because she left today. She was so excited but I was the one crying LOL. She was such an amazing trainer and missionary and hope one day in the near future to see her again. I also cried when she left but thats too much info. I apologize.
I´ve officially survived my first transfer(for all my non-mormons a transfer is 6 weeks you spend in a certain area of your mission with a certain companion). Good news! I´m staying here in Conjunto Novo Ceara and Sister Jackson will finish my training. All I know is that she´s American. Funny thing: Sister Mish (the other American I live with) has a new American companion too. So our house will have 4 AMERICANS in it. Which is insane because we really only have 8 or so American sisters here. I´m way excited.
Things I´ve learned during this transfer:
-I´m not very good at sharing but charity is an attribute of Christ that I am working on each day
-As a missionary, you have this inimagineable love for the people you´re teaching
-If someone feeds you something other than rice, beans, chicken, and juice its a good day
-Busy days are the best days
-God will never leave you comfortless
-Miracles DO happen
-Fortaleza: it either feels like a furnace or a wet furnace
Everything is really good here! The past couple weeks were difficult with not very much success but I´m excited to see what this new transfer brings!
Thank you everyone for your support. I´m still amazed with the amount of emails and letters and packages I´ve recieved. It warms my heart to know I have the world´s best cheerleaders.
Ate mais!
Sister Myers

Because I know all of you youngsters posted and Easter selfie, here is the last selfie of Sister Souza and Sister Myers.
This is Irma Socorro. She's an angel here on Earth and we visit her every week.
Happy Easter!
 The one joy of having a thousand dogs jump on you each day, is that some of them are bound to have PUPPIES!!!
Sister Mish, Sister Ferrieria, Sister Souza and Me.


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