Companheiro, Conferencia, e Casamento

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello my dearest American friends and families who are enjoying nice weather in the states. Every person here asks if it snows where I live. I think the TV and Internet has brain washed Brazilians to think its always snowing every where in the US. Anyways, I had some huge changes and events this week that all start with "C", if you´re speaking the world´s greatest language.

I feel like I´m actually been punked by my mission president. So I sent off Sister Souza to return to Sao Paulo after shes finished her 18 months (tear drop). And now I am companions with Sister Jackson. Okay let me start by saying she worked at Athleta. If that doesnt show that she´s my twin I dont know what does. So the first say I was talking about some sweet memories working at Gap and she looks at me and she´s like wait... I worked at Athleta. Then we went on to explain that we basically have all the same interests, same sense of humor, and love everything about food. Each day is super weird because we find out 10 new reasons of why we´re twins. Most importantly, we´ve worked so well together. When we teach, we´re immmediately in sync which is really hard to do. Ugh theres so much I want you to know about her. Just know, I´m in good hands.

For those who aren´t members of my faith, members have the oppurtunity to listen to our prophet, 12 Apostles, and other church leaders who are called of God two times a year. It´s a huge deal for us. And it was this past weekend. To say the very least, the words touched my heart in a very special way. Because there are 4 AMERICAN SISTERS (seriously how does that happen?!) in our area, we got to have a room for English. The talk that touched my heart the most was by Elder Christofferson and he talked about Fathers. Being away from your family is hard... Being away specifically from your parents is difficult. To be where I am has everything to do with who my dad is and what he helped me become. Most importantly, we have a Heavenly Father who loves and watches over us. How great is that knowledge... to know we ALWAYS have someone; we are never alone. If you have interest to hear more or read some of what was shared visit:

Casamento in Portuguese means Marriage! So I´ve been teaching Katia and Valdeon for about 3 weeks with Sister Souza and now Sister Jackson. And within the next month they´ll be MARRIED AND BAPTIZED. They´re such a sweet couple. They moved here from another neighborhood to get away from family situations. They´re seamstresses and make the MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESSES for little girls. Anyways, as we´re been teaching them they´re desire to really know what is truth and what Church is the only church of God. They´re made the decision to be married and baptized. This week Sister Jackson and I will go with them to mark their wedding. Because we´re the closest people to them here, we get to be their witness!! Im so excited and really theyre the specialest of people. Definitely friends that I want to keep in touch with.

Everything is awesome here in Conjunto Novo Ceara! Thank you for the continuous love and support.
Sister Myers
 Conference, Sister Jackson and I


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