Vale A Pena

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Vale a pena" is a phrase I use everyday here in Brazil. It means "it´s worth it". So many things that are in my life have proven to be worth it. When you´re nicer to your mom and dad, they´re more willing to buy you Pei Wei (wow, so trunky for american food). When you do well in high school, you get into the college you want to attend(Yay for the frozen tundra-BYU-Idaho). When you choose to serve your Savior, He places THE MOST INCREDIBLE people in your path. That is what He did for me this week.

Katia and Valedon BOUGHT RINGS! Ugh their the most incredible couple. They talked to my companion and I about how they met and what this marriage and baptism will mean to them and left me bawling. They just really get it. They want so badly to enter in the temple and get sealed for eternity. They´ve had Family Home evenings with families in our ward and our ward is doing great with integrating them into our cute ward family. Katia told me I had to Skype with her any potential husbands to make sure they were good enough, LOL. Shes totally a mom to me and gets on my back for not putting on sunscreen or not drinking enough water. So their wedding will be May 4 which is next transfer so my companion and I are PRAYING that we stay here.

We started teaching this AMAZING FAMILY. Theres a guy in our ward who was a bishop in Manus but had to move here with his parents because their health is deteriorating. So we´re teaching his old parents (seriously the cutest old couple of all time), and his two sisters. They´re the most giving family I´ve ever met. And they really have a desire to be together forever. It was so amazing to see this man be the only member in his family to helping us preach the gospel to the people that he loves the most. Sometimes the most sacred work of God we can do, is in our own homes. I cant wait to do that in my home one day.

We had Zone Conference this week which was fun because it was my first one. There was a slide show of all the missionaries that arrived and all the missionaries that will leave soon. So my picture passeed and then so did my companion´s. I cried. LOL. I just love her to pieces and I cant believe I have to send off another companion next transfer. She´s been such a blessing in my life. And she understands my need for Coke so obviously shes a good person.

My mom requested that I put more "culture" in my letters. I also said if I put more culture in my letters people would never come visit Brazil with me. But I can always talk about Brazilian food. They have these things called Maria Malucas thats sweet bread with coconut baked inside and I get little baby ones at this bread store. The bread store is called Bom Pao(Good Bread... really creative). All the workers know Sister Jackson and I and make us try new stuff EVERYTIME. Also I eat alot of pastels. They´re like wonton stuff with meat in the middle. Like empanadas but not. I get frango com catuipury which is like a mozarella cheese sauce. Yes, the clothes are a wee bit tight.

Everything is great here in Conjunto Novo Ceara! I really love everything of where I am and who I´m serving. Thank you for your continuous support and love from all. Ate Segunda!

Com muito amor,
Sister Myers

A Casa De Americanos

 Sister Jackson and I
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