Brazil is the bees knees.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hellllllloooo family and friends. Thank you for reading my emails. I know you´re actually just waiting for a crazy Brazil story to happen. But my mom also reads this email so we keep those ones out. Man, this week was awesome. Our investigators are awesome, my companion is awesome, our ward is awesome, Brazil is awesome, and Sister Myer is..... happy. Gotcha!

Investigators are full of miracles. Katia and Valdeon are seriously the greatest humans I´ve ever met. They now have enough  money for wedding and all they need are rings. So this week they´re buying rings and marking a wedding date for May! We were visiting them with this couple in our ward and when Katia and Valdeon said they needed rings they TOOK OFF THEIR RINGS AND HANDED THEIRS TO THEM. LIKE DEAD SERIOUS. Thats how awesome the members are here. I was so confused because I couldnt figure out if she was joking. But she was serious. Man, this would only happen in Brazil.

So I dont remember if yáll remember but I´ve been teaching Caio, Gustavo, and Artur since my first day here. They´re the most amazing young men who have the biggest desire to serve missions. The problem was that their dad wouldnt let them be baptized. There was something within the family that happened this week and the dad finally agreed. You guys, I cried. Like I was just so happy because this is all these boys wanted. So I should have pictures next week of that. YAY!

Everything is great! I finally feel really comfortable with the language so I´m working alot on my American accent. Which is so hard. Its 80% of the battle to learn Portuguese... well. The alphabet is really so different from English and Spanish so its hard to speak like a Brazilian. Plus Fortalezans cut off all their words. But I have time to keep learning so its golden.
Thank you for all your emails and support. I keep telling my mom that I´d thought that everyone would forget about Sister Myers by now but Monday mornings the inbox is full of words of encouragement and love. Thank you so much for your prayers and love. Boa semana para voces!
Com muito amor
Sister Myers

The local bakery, Bom Pao. AKA the reason why my clothes don't fit.
 Our beautiful chapel
 This cat is in the same spot, sleeping this way everyday. We relate on a spiritual level.
 My favorite view from my area.


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