Heaven is cheering you on: today, tomorrow and forever.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello dear family and friends! This week went by incredibly fast but I guess thats what happens when youre having fun. Here in Fortaleza its been nonstop rain. And not weak Arizona type rain. Like deep rainforest rain. Well, I´ve never been in a rainforest so I dont really know but thats what I imagine. Its so nice to not be dripping in sweat everyday.
The language is coming along. Having a companion that speaks English AND Portuguese really well helps so much. I can speak well but shes helping me with my accent. A member in our ward said that I speak half Spanish and half Portugese. LOL which is probably really true. Theres a young man in our ward that just got called to Argentina so I´m helping him with basic spanish words. The hardest part is to seperate the words in sentaces because they speak SO QUICKLY and never annunciate the full word. So like "Posso" is "I can" but everyone says "pos". So its just little things like that. No one ever guesses Im from America anymore which is cool. Everyone thinks Im Argentinian or Brazilian. Then they see the last name "Myers". That ruins the imagination a little.
Investigators are slim. A lot of people here are so kind and open up their houses to any type of missionaries. So we teach ALOT of lessons. Usually at least 10 in a day, but very rarely are they people that want to hear more. It can be frustrating at times but I just remember my purpose isnt to baptize. Its to bring others unto Christ, even if that means for 20 minutes in their homes.
Life is pretty busy all the time here and I love it. Elder Holland said in General Conference "Heaven is cheering you on:today, tomorrow, and forever." I feel this in my life everyday. Even if we arent missionaries, there are angels cheering for us and hoping that we are making the choices nescessary to return to God and our Families one day.
Thank you for your packages, letters, and emails. This week was rather difficult for me mentally with very little successes. Many of your loving emails brought me to tears of happiness. Thank you for bringing me a part of home in Brazil every week.
Ate a proximo segunda-feira!
Com muito amor,
Sister Myers

The other sisters gift for my three month anniversary. 


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