Baptizing Converts

Monday, April 10, 2017

Something my dad told me before I left for the mission field was about baptizing converts. As a missionary, it is your duty to teach your investigators and converts how to be truly converted to the gospel. Because they´re like babies, they new to learn one thing at a time, simples. And there is NOTHING NOTHING better than seeing that your converts are TRULY CONVERTED.

Sunday was such a special day. My convert Andre, came to church with a white shirt and tie for the first time and passed the sacrament. Danilo,who was baptized last week, received the Holy Ghost and was confrimed a new member. And our miracle, Felipe was baptized! I talked a little about him in the last email. We met him at this food truck about a month ago. And long sotry a little bit shorter, we began to teach him. He would leave early from work to meet with us. The second lesson, we talked about the Plan of Salvation. Tears streamed from his eyes as he began to explain about his true love. He grew up with Joanna, the girl next door. They dated their teen years until on day, she suddenly died of a fall. As we taught him the Plan of Salvation and temple work, he´s become a completely new person...someone who is truly converted.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see a life changed. Nothing nothing. And as these lives change, so does mine. I hope to come home as a changed person because my converts have truly helped me to be converted too. And I thank Heavenly Father for this privilege.

The beach! Our area of course only gets the ugly part of the beach but at least its something!

 "I don't have criseses, I have Christ"
 15 months!
 When canker sore meds do not exist, throw some salt on it.
 Andre passed the sacrament for the first time this week.
 The baptism of Felipe, our miracle.

 Danilo was confirmed and came to church! Super fancy!


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