Beware of Pride

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi friends and family!! It´ll be a little short today but I wanted to share an experience that I had this week. I´m trying to finish up the Book of Mormon again before I get home.(7th time´s the charm). I´ve been reading in Helaman and studying about the Pride Cycle. Lots of times I could see how the vicious cycle of pride ruins our families, our relationships, our work, just about everything that is good in our life. With this study, I have realized how Satan works so so hard in our lives, with tactics that we dont even realize that are coming from him, like pride.
Above is a great talk from President Ezra Taft Benson. If you know anything about Sister Myers, you´ll know that she LOVES him. Pride is a trait of Satan that he will always try to tempt us with. Its on of the greatest tempations that missioanries face. Because simply said, if we are prideful, Gods work cant go forward and we cant progress spritiually.
This has been and still is one of the hardest barriers I´ve faced on the mission. But throught the powerful Atonement of Jesus Christ, He allows tme to change little by little so I can help those sweet children of God who need the gospel. I know that the time is now very short (Tammy is very excited) but I know there are tons of elects who are waiting. And I cant wait to share this powerful message of the Atonement and how it changes us for the better.

 My painting from the cutest old man in our ward.
 A rainbow!


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