Things we have in Brazil, Soccer, Samaba and ZIKA!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello dear family and friends!! HAPPY MAY! Crazy huh? How does time pass by
so quickly? Nothing is weirder than when you´re in mission conference and
everyone knows you´re an old missionary and everyones trying to send you

This week was a bit of a poopy one. Have you ever heard of Zicka? Its a
sickness you catch from an infected mosquito and you basically die.I dont
reccommend looking up pictures. So I caught zicka and I was on bed rest the
whole week. It takes a while to leave so I dont have much to tell about
this week. My dear companion has been an absolute angel. She´s gonna be an
awesome mom one day. To say the least I´ve been drinking lots of liquids
and saying lots of prayers to get back out in the field.


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