The week my heart dropped.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This week was awesome! We´ve had awesome miracles and it´s been incredible to see until the very end. Everyone reminds me in our ward that if I dont leave soon they´re gonna ask for my membership record to be transfered here.... lol.

One of the coolest miracles is named Paula. Almost two transfers ago we met Paula, almost on accident. We had to get into this apartment complex and had the investigator wasnt responding. We yelled for someone to open the gate and it was Paula. She bgean to ask a bunch of questions abuot the church because when she was little she visited with her dad and step mother who were members. After teaching her the first lesson and getting to know her we found out that in that same week, she was moving to another house because she was seperating with her husband. I´ve never felt so so so disappointed. So we sent her new address to the elders who were serving in that area and we never heard anything else. UNTIL we saw her in the street this week. I´ve never felt a hug so strong in my life before.... she was so so happy to see us. She informed us that she moved BACK TO OUR AREA. Yesterday, she went to church for the first time in many many years. I know without a doubt that she felt at home, that she truly felt the love of her Savior that she was needing so badly. We are preparing for baptism within the next couple of weeks!!

Okay now the part where my heart dropped. So I was in the chapel, I think I was talking to some member while we were switching rooms. All the sudden everyone is quiet and I look to the door. I see my recent convert and behind him are my other two recent converts. Do you believe that I DIDNT RECOGNIZE THEM BECAUSE I WAS IN SHOCK?! I sat there looking like an idiot until I realized it was them and I started to ugly cry and REALLY look like an idiot. Catia and Valdeon (yes THE CATIA AND VALDEON) and Anderson from my very first area came to visit me. I was a complete mess the whole day. Catia and Valdeon are no longer "recent" converts because they are already members for a year and are preparing to go to the temple in August (if anyone is going to Brazil in August and willing to let me go in your bag, I accept). Anderson is preparing his mission papers to serve (hopefully in Arizona, am I right?). It was just the greatest day. Lots of happy happy tears. Catia said that the day I´ll see my mom will be worse. Amen. I feel so privileged to have been the one to teach these sweet spirits, along the side of my sweet companion, Sister Jackson.

I love the gospel. I know now more than ever that miracles are real according to our faith. I love my Savior.

The best souvenir that I taking home
 The best reunion I've ever had yet: Catia, Valdeon and Anderson
 My favorite family in the whole wide world, besides mine.


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