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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hey family and friends! I´m a little in shock because after this, I´ll just have one more email to send out to you guys because the next Monday I´ll be on a plane, starting my 24 hr journey home. Something I´ll never stop saying is that my mission has been 18 months of miracles.

This week we´ll have two baptisms of my sweetest miracles yet. I talked about Paula in my last email... she´s going super strong. I´ve never seen a woman make best friends in the church so quickly. She´s been super active in the church activties during the week that sometimes she tells us that we have to pass by her house much earlier because she´s gonna go hang out with some members. I always crack up. Ugh I love her. Sister Meneses and I call her our long lost best friend. She´s a makeup artist and has tried to do our makeup everytime we are there. I told her that the day I´ll have my last interview with President, I´ll be her barbie doll. My favorite part in everything is to see how the light of the gospel is changing her life. She´s suffering a really difficult seperation and has shed lots of tears, with us at ehr side. And I know that the love of our Savior has brought a new vision and happiness. The exact reason why I came out on a mission, to simply see this light in others.. there´s nothing better.

Our sweet other miracle is called Zuleide. She´s a sweet grandmother of 70 years old. All 6 months that I´ve been here, Zuleide has never missed a Sunday and shes been investigating the church for more than a year. But she couldnt get baptized because she was living together with the father of her children but didnt want to get married. After more than a year of being a visitor, this Sunday she´ll be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She´s a little old lady with so much gas and desire to serve. Theres no way that you are sad around her.

I love love love my mission with my whole heart. I´ll be going home only because my mom and mission President are making me. But I know this church is true and that Jesus Christ is our beloved Savior and best friend.

Sister Meneses and I
 Our best friend, Paula
 My mission BFF's
The last Sunday lunch with Familia Batista

 My companion played photographer last week.


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