feliz dia das maes

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Email after the Skype Call is always super dry because I feel like I´ve already said everything! BUT I wanted to send out a Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers here.

If I have learned something on my mission other than getting to know my Savior better, it is about the divine role of a mother and women in my life. It´s a subject very close to my heart. I think a lot about the people that have helped me get to where I am today and the great majority are sweet mothers who took me under their wings and helped me learn to fly. Its incredible to see how God has truly given women a little bit of His power to bring souls here to the earth and prepare them to return in His presence.

One of the greatest blessings I´ve had here on the mission, is to see awesome irmas here in the wards and branches that I´ve passed who have suffered so much to give their children the blessings of the gospel, just like my mom. I´m so grateful that I have a mom that fought to give me the gospel in my life. I cant imagine what its like to be her. I mean, just raising 4 women is a big task. I love you mom and I´m eternally grateful to Heavenly Father that I got sent to you.

Happy Mothers Day...
Sister Myers


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