The week the heavens opened.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Okay this week was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY AMAZING! I hope I can relate it all with such a short time.

1. the miralce named Felipe
-So there´s this food truck in our area that Sister Meneses and I are kinda obsessed with that makes the best hamburgers. One day we were there before heading back to the house and we began to talk to this man who was having a hard time deciding what hamburger he would choose. As the good people that we are, we gave him the suggestion of what we liked best, invited him to visit church and left a pass along card with him. We didnt think much of the invite as he had talked about how he was Muslim and studied religion. About two weeks after we received a referral and we found the hosue and knocked on the door... to find Felipe, the man who accepted not only our suggestion for hamburgers but to visit the church. He began to count the story of how he entered and talked to a missionary there for more than an hour and watched every video that the church has to offer. When we went to teach him about the Restoration the next day, he had already memorized the story and had already prayed to know if it was true. HE´S INCREDIBLE. Sometimes we leave our lessons waiting for Ashton Kutcher to turn around the corner and say we´ve been pranked. Felipe is preparing to be baptized next week so TBC....

2. the miracle of Brasilia
Sunday morning, we had the privilege to hear our beloved prophet speak to us. He announced 5 new temples... what a huge blessing. The love you have for a companion on the mission, is something that I cant put into words. Have you ever imgained what a face of pure happiness looks like? President Monson slipped out the first temple.... BRASILIA, BRASIL. Which is... the hometown of my companion. Tears streamed down her face and shortly after mine too, as I realized that she too would have a piece of heaven in her hometown.

3. the miracle of planting seeds
About a year ago, I met a family so so sweet. I was in my training with Sister Souza. I remember trying to spit out Portuguese in our lessons. I had total certainty that this family would be baptized. Later on, the mom said she didnt want to recieve our messages anymore. I never felt so defeated. It was definiately a hard day. Yesterday, here on the other side of Fortaleza, one of these young woman that I had taught, ran up to me and hugged me. I found out that she had moved away and was now living with her grandmother who let her be baptized. She remembered my name and everything. Of course I was a ball of tears because WHAT ARE THE ODDS!

So this week was incredible. Of course each week in incredible on the mission but sometimes theres those weeks that keep you going, Im so grateful that this miracles still exist and that these miracles continue to happen for the next 10 weeks. I love the gospel. This church is true.

Sister Myers
 Trio life is the best life

 O batismo de Danilo


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