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Monday, June 13, 2016

I feel so overwhlemed to write an email about this week. So many amazing things happened and so many more great things will happen this week. Life of a missionary; it´s always good.

Tuesday: A day with an man called of God
We had a bi-mission conference with Elder Christensen. We left on these charter buses because it was held in the other mission, Fortaleza East. The Spirit was so pure and strong as he walked in. I almost cried because he looks SO America. Tall, white, and bulky. As I went up to shake his hand, I seriously had the hardest time deciding to say "bom dia" or "good morning" because he doesnt speak Portuguese and I wanted him to feel at home. But plot twist, we´re not in America anymore Sister Myers. I went with Bom Dia. Anyways, he talked about two big points: teaching repentance AFTER baptism and the Book of Mormon.
In repsect to teaching repentance he talked about if we baptized people who were 100% converted, we´d never baptize. Its important to teach our investiagtors how to be converted. To go through that process there is an absolute need to teach repentance.
One thing he said about the Book of Mormon that I LOVED was " The Book of Mormon is the REAL MISSIONARY". Because its so true. Our purpose is to support and invite them to read. If the book is the word of God, Joseph Smith is a true prophet, if he´s a true prophet, the church of Christ is here on the earth. Powerful stuff.
Saturday: The waters of Baptism
ANDERSON GOT BAPTIZED! I really wish you could all meet him. He has the greatest story and I feel so blessed to get to know him. His parents went to his baptism which was awesome because they havent been supportive until now. He really has a rock solid testimony and has expressed a desire to serve a mission! Nothing is more incredible than seeing a missionary help another person be a missionary.
So Sunday was crazy. I spoke in church, lol. Correction: I tried to speak i church. I had to talk really slow to make sure people understood me. Or maybe because I was crazy nervous. But Sister Jackson said it went well. The best part of church was sitting on the pulpit and watching the faces of the people that I love here. Valdeon blessed the sacrament, Gustavo passed it. Anderson got confirmed and recieved the priesthood. This is the best yet: Catia got called as a counselor in Relief Society Presidency! Then Valdeon  got called as secretary in the Elders Quoarom presidency. Cray right? So when we went to ward council they were both there. It was so funny because Bishop was like, lets talk about recent converts. First Catia and Valdeon.. OH WAIT THEYRE HERE. Then we had Brazilian barbeque like that place in Provo... I cant remember but man I ate so much. Theres a family that I´ve been really close to that did a going away lunch for SIster Jackson.

Today/Monday: cha cha cha cha changesssss. So I sent off my dear Sister Jackson this morning and received my transfer email. Im going to Paracuru!! So this is what I know. Its a beach town (with baptisms on the beach). Its really small town with small area limits so its been known to be difficult. Right now, theres a small branch so it will be my first time working with branch presidents and how branches functions which will be cool. Im so sad to leave my families here... they´ve truly become my family.

My subject header is from Alma 26:11-13 in the Book of Mormon. It explains perfectly how I´ve felt about this transfer... I feel so little as the Lord has worked through Sister Jackson and I to find those souls who were in need of the gospel of Christ. Anderson was closing our lesson with a prayer yesterday and he said "please let Sister Jackson and Sister Myers know of just a little of the gratitude I have for them". I just keep saying "it was the Lord, it was the Lord". Im grateful to see where the Lord takes me next on this incredible journey.

Thank you for your love and support. I often am in shock every Monday morning hearing from my family and loved ones. Thank you.
Com muito amor,
Sister Myers

Sister Jackson and I on our way to conference
 Our district, more like our little family.
 Anderson's Baptism

Irmao Altanizio is the boss griller
 Us and the boys

So so much love for this family
 Donkeys because.. Brazil


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