Isaiah 64:8

Monday, June 27, 2016

I´ve recieved close to a dozen emails the past months, hearing about friends who are receiving their calls, who are just entering the field (hello greenies), or returning home after 2 years serving in various countries and continents. As I´ll hit 6 months next week, I´ve pondered a lot about who I am now and where I was as I entered the MTC. First and foremost, I´m different. And I dont mean I´m not Chandler anymore because I have just as much spunk and laughter as I´ve always had(ask my companions) but my desires have flipped 100 percent. Searching for the perfect scripture to describe thing change, I thought of one of my favorites: Isaiah 64:8 - "But how, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand."

This transfer with just two weeks completed, I feel like I´ve be twisted, torn, reshaped, and molded, in more ways than one. For me, this is what a mission means. To allow Heavenly Father to change your very own desires and heart. I´ve never in my life felt so honored to be a servant of Jesus Christ, bringing the truth to my brothers and sisters in the lowest, simplest, and most beautiful of places. Entering a branch has messed a lot with my head. I´ve been forced to step up not only as a missionary but as a leader to show how the Church of Jesus Christ functions for these greater pioneers here in Paracuru. I´ve learned to pray not only for our investigators, but for our inspired leaders and the existing members, to receive the love of God I feel everyday. There isn´t much success to see in the future but I am choosing to be the Sister Myers God wants me to be; putting my will and what I want in the last place. Accepting that my happiness here, is to ensure that these souls that I´m teaching are converted to the one thing I know for certain: that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. I´m not sure anyone here understands what that means for me. But anyone who knew Chandler and Sister Myers now... the change is real and its incredible.

On less important note, President and Sister Bonini came to Paracuru to check out our house. Which is a big deal because Paracuru is at least 3 hours away. As they were walking out, President asked if we had lunch today. We all silently shaked our heads no, not having time yet to prepare lunch. With a smile on his he said "Missionarias tem que comer!" (Missionaries have to eat!). So all four of us piled in his car and he dront to a beach front restraunt and holy cow, there were tears LITERAL TEARS PEOPLE in my eyes. It smelt like salt and fish and I cant imagine anything better. I love it here. Its the most beautiful place. And we ate the greatest seafood and the way to Sister Myers´s heart is through her stomach. It was kinda weird to sit down and causually have lunch with President Bonini but it was definitely a moment I wont forget. So this week... I ate lunch with the President.

Stay tuned for next week as today, I´ll have my official visit to the beach (boardwalk because missionary problems). Pictures will be sent your way the following, glorious Missionary Monday.

Beijos, (I´ve actually had night mares that I got home in the airport and kissed everyone because I´m so used to it now)
Sister Myers


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