When you start to feel old (5 months passed by)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bommmmm diaaaaa! I wish I could say I want to be experiecing the 115+ degree weather with you all but I cant. The Fortaleza heat is enough for me. Also, I would like to say that it may be hot but remember that in the US we can press a button and our houses are cold...food for thought. Any how, this will be the last week in the transfer. I´m so incredibly sad to see Sister Jackson go. She´s quickly become a friend rather than just a mission companion. Definitely a person who was placed in my life to change me for the better. Next transfer, anything could happen and I´m so excited to see where the Lord places me next.

As for this week, Luiz Fabricio got baptized! To recap, we met him on his doorstep. If we´re being honest, he is super timid so I thought it wouldnt go anywhere. Then we met his family and saw how supportive his mom is for him to be involved in a religion. As we began to teach him, he started attending mutual, seminary(even though hes only 12), and church. He really became good friends with the young men and did everything we invited him to do: read the Book of Mormon everyday, attend church, pray. He has really opened up with us, as much as a 12 year old will with two young adult women lol. He was ready to be baptized two weeks ago but he got Dangue, a mosquito sickness. But now hes great! His family came to the baptism, even though none have a desire to receive our messages. On Sunday he showed up with a white shirt and tie. That moment just makes it for me. When they truly go in 100%.

Next week, Anderson will be baptized. Now listen to how cray cray his story is. So we met Anderson in church last week. His friend from another ward brought him to visit. We marked a day to pass by his house because it was in our area. So we went by for the first time last Tuesday. As we got to know him, he began to open up. Get this. He´s dating a girl who is serving in Victoria, Brazil. And during the time shes been out,she invited him to pray to know if the church is true. So hes been praying for months to receive an answer. Then finally he felt like he needed to go to church to receive his answer.  When he walked in the building, a feeling of peace swept hid body and he knew that God had sent him his answer.  So for us, he´s really amazing. We just keep teaching him everything he needs to know and he asks questions and accepts any invitation we give him. He even went to Institute last week, IN ANOTHER CITY. And we´ve talked alot about temples. He lit up when he heard we could be with our families for eternity. And he just like, gets EXCITED about the gospel. Hes incredible, really. So next Saturday will be his baptism. I cant wait.

As for the recent converts, their amazing. We reactivated the family of Caio, Gustavo, and Arthur. Their parents are going to church again. They got to watch their sons pass the sacrament. As for Catia and Valdeon, he blessed the sacrament and recieved a calling in the Elder´s Quorom this week. Gente, these people are amazing. I feel so little compared to what these people are doing for their lives and futures.

I cant wait to continue in this work. Sometimes people look at me like I´m crazy because I left family, friends, school, and career at home but I cant imagine being anywhere else. These families, these people here, they´re my home for now. And not because they´re replacing home but because they truly are my brothers and sisters. I feel so blessed to be serving in my sweet town of Conjunto Novo Ceara.

When someone fills up the font too high...
 Luiz Fabricio and his Young Men's President, Levi (pronounces Lev-ee)
 Luiz Fabricio e Sister Jackson e Eu
 Sisters on Sunday


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