We're not in Fortaleza anymore..

Monday, June 20, 2016

As some of you might know (shoutout to the homies that read the blog), I´ve been transfered to Paracuru! I have a lot to say about this town already. So Paracuru is 2 hours away from Fortaleza. Yes, I´m not even in Fortaleza anymore. This town is in the absolute boonies of Brazil people, but for good reason. It´s a beach town! I have yet to get to as close as the beach as possible but I can see it from our apartment. I can also see the DUNES from our apartment. Seriously its the coolest place to relax if you werent a missionary. Buuuuut Im Sister Myers and Im here to work.

There´s alot of work to do here in Paracuru. I´m working in a branch, which is absolutely new for me. The meetings happen on Sundays in a house, we call it a casapela (casa(house) and capela(chapel)). Our goal in the branch is members that are attending church because as of right now, we dont even have branch frequency. It´ll be alot of work but I dont think anyone sends in their mission papers and says "Hey prophet, send me somewhere easy.". I certainly didnt. So Im here, and Im gonna do my absolute best because thats what the Lord expects of me.

I think I´m experiencing delayed culture shock. So, Paracuru in the center of the town and close to the beach is rich Americans, Yep, I said it. Cray cray Americans (and Brazilians). Even I stand in front of these houses and think man, what does that guy do? But as you walk futher and futher away from the center of the city, it gets scary. And not scary as in fearing your life kinda thing. Its scary as in, these child of God are living in these kind of conditions scary. We passed by these areas yesterday and I instantly felt uncomfortable. I felt bad that I had shoes on my feet, two of them, brand new. That I had on a dress that I bought from a store in a huge shopping mall, a place for people to drop money on things they dont need, and a bottle of clear and clean water in my mission bag that was shipped to my house from Amazon. Even now, my heart is heavy. But, I have been called to serve my family here in Paracuru. To help heal the wounds and patch up the bad things in their life spiritually. I just hope I can try my best.

Please pray for these people that I have the chance to encounter here. Pray for their families, and their homes. Together Sister Miranda and I will work our very hardest the next 5 weeks to bring the fullness of the Gospel, the happiness that we have, to these people here.

Com muito amor
Sister Myers


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