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Monday, July 18, 2016

As any missionary knows, email time can be very short. So this week will be a little bit shorter but with pictures. I ask for your forgiveness my dear blog followers.

This week was very different than any other. We had Zone Conference! But when you live in the middle of NO WHERE it becomes a little complicated. Tuesday we took a bus to Fortaleza, spent the night with 12 SISTERS in one apartment (fire hazard if you ask me), went to conference the next day, slept over again, then returned to our area on Thursday by bus. So as you could imagine, it was quite the week. But it was awesome to spend sometime with the other zones and be in a real life city. If theres anything I miss about being in Paracuru is the city. Mother like daughter. Paracuru is BEAUTIFUL and I dont know very many other misionaries that have the oppurtunity like I do to live in this gorgeous beach town. But the first place I went to in the city was McD´s. With conference we had practically no time in our own area which was hard to do but with the last week of transfers we´ll recuperate and do our very best work this week.

Stay tuned next week for changes.

Com muito amor
Sister Myers
Which is Brazilian and which is American?
 AZ gals (P.S. She's the McLaw's neice)
 Sister Miranda and I
 When you no longer have a sense of style so you start wearing Brazilian grandma's dresses.
Good Morning Paracuru!


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