Planting the seeds.

Monday, July 11, 2016

This hour and a half I have to ponder and contemplate about my past week is always so dear to me. Not just because I get to write my family and friends but because this time is passing so quickly and I´m trying to love every second. But this week I´d love to share a scripture. Sometimes I dont have the words to describe my week, especially because my mind only thinks in Portguese and writing in English is incredibly difficult. The scriptures have become my way to communicate with people here. Sometimes I dont know exactly what to say but I remember scriptures that have touched my life that explain what I want to express.
So lets turn to Jeremiah 32:41 *pages turning*. It reads: "Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul." This week and basically this whole transfer, we´ve realized the hand of God in our work. We have been called to plant the seeds of the gospel in our investigators. As for right now, the majority of them can´t be baptized. The majority of our teaching group are couples, which is awesome. Preach My Gospel teaches we should search to teach couples and families because we know that the ultimate goal of missionary work is to see these families and individuals sealed together for eternity in the temple. But the couples who are being converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, don´t have the oppurtunity to be married. Its very expensive to get married here, about $R 300, which is everything for them. We´re been working with the court house to arrange free marriages for these simple people but is still in the process. So until we can help these couples live all the commandments of God, we are planting seeds. And to be very honest, its been a priviledge to watch these seeds be planted and grow each and everyday. Most of these people have addictions, who´ve completely stopped with the help of the Lord. I know the time will come for these souls to be baptized and feel the fullness of the Gospel. Until then, I am planting seeds, along side Heavenly Father "with my whole heart and with my whole soul".

My "Feliz 6 Meses" from my companion. She knows the way to my heart is Pacoquita. It is this roasted peanut paste with sugar thingy.
 This is as Brazilian as a house gets.
 Sister M (Squared)
 I tell my companion everyday that we're just like Dora exploring the jungle except we're missionaries and we speak portuguese.


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