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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello my dear friends and family. I hope everything is going great where ever you may be in the world. I love explaining to people here about the process of getting your mission call and how I have friends on almost every continent of the world serving the Lord. And of course, their awesome families back in the states, anxiously settled in front of their iPads and iPhones(first world probs), waiting for emails Monday morning.

I´ve always been a rather realistic person. I like to look at the facts and decide from there. You may blame this on John Myers. But something I´ve learned here, especially with this transfer, is that you absolutely have to look at the tiny positives that you have in life. Focusing on the negatives
and the facts will drive you to the very deepest of pits (just take my word for it). So this week I want to talk about our miracle. His name is Irailson. He has 17 years old, plays the saxaphone and wants to live in Washington DC. Meet our eleito. He was a reference from an in-active here in our area. We´ve tried a million times to find him in this house but he was never there. Until one day, with very little success in sight, he was in his house, ready to hear the restored gospel. He has so many questions about religion and life. I´ve never felt so excited to preach the gospel to a young soul who is so in need. We just started teaching him this week but I see him going so far not only in life but in the gospel.

We had news about transfers this morning and I´ll be staying here in Paracuru with Sister Miranda. Which means more beach pictures for you all!
Sister Myers

When you remind yourself everyday that the first thing you'll do when you get home is get a mani/pedi.
 My Americans
 Tan lines 4 Life
My companion
Acai shakes are the bestest.
 When your recent convert gives you a fish

 When you're the only one who knows how to cook fish.

 Other investigators that brought us corn.
 "Little store: Only has God, nothing more."


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