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Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Missionary Monday for all! This is the first email in a while that I´ve had the time to really think out and write due to lack of time the past weeks. As many of you know, the Olympics started here in Brazil! As many of you may not know, Fortaleza is no where close to Rio but I feel the love that these people have for their country. As a missionary I cant watch the Olypics but I like to imagine what the opening ceremonies was like this year. The only cultural thing I could think of about Brazil was all the good food. BUT I want to share a little about what I know about these people beautiful and not just what you see on TV.

Most of you will watch Brazi´s best, fighting for the medallions but I can testify that Brazil´s best, are in Fortaleza. I have been touched but the love these people have. You will never pass anyone on the street without a cheerful greeting, even if you´re a gringa like me. I have entered homes that are literal shacks, with people offereing the best they have, even if its their only meal for the day. Something that I´m most in love with about the people of Brazil? Their love for the Lord. It doesnt matter if you´re Catholic, Jehovah´s Witness, Protestant, Mormon, or even without religion, they are all converted to our Savior. I´m amazed that these people are passing huger, thirst, using battered clothing, burnt from the sun, day after day, and every single one of them is saying their prayers, thanking God for what they have.

I´ve lived with 7 different Brazilian Sisters here on the mission already. Every single one, I´ve grown to love and pray I´ll see them again after the mission. These people LOVE the gospel. Its not wake up and be a mormon for them. Its giving everything they have to helping their neighbors and members of the church. I´m working in a branch, which is possibly one of the most difficult work I´ve seen in the church. These lattter-day saints are giving their lives to help the growth here in Paracuru. And I sit back sometimes and think, how many times did i go to church and everything was already set up? How many times did i walk into seminary, knowing that there was a teacher that prepared for my class? How many times did I fall, knowing i had leaders to help me get back up? Now imagine all of that is gone and youre a member of the church is a tiny town in the middle of nothing and these responsibilty is yours. This is what these saints here are doing and this is why I love the people of Brazil.

Thank you all for your emails and love. 11 months more until I can hug you all personally but until then, Im sending hugs from the humble town of Paracuru.


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