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Monday, August 29, 2016

A couple weeks ago my sister loving expressed that I needed to explain more about what Brazil is like. Sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in Brazil and sees what I see everyday. Its so weird to think about the difference because Brazil has become my home and very normal to me. The other day my companion was asking about the States and what it´s like and the only thing I could tell her that was different was that you can flush the toilet paper there (here you cant). Sorry TMI. But i´ll try my best to think of some big differences about living in the beautiful country of Brazil.

We are lunchers here in Brazil. Their big meal here is lunch so this is what happens (its absurb). Everyone works (not everyone because the country has a huge unemployment rate but thats another story) from 7 to about noon and everyone gets off two hours for lunch and returns to work after 2. So its not rare to have a day where we dont enter a house to teach until 4. Why? Because after lunch you have to..... nap. Yep. We dont enter houses until 4 because the whole world is napping. Except me (tears). But you get used to it. It becomes a game of how many people can you wake up to teach.

Another huge difference is the food, but specifically the milk. I dont know where the milk comes from but its not from cows. Here they sells boxes BOXXXESSS of milk, unrefrigerated or milk powder that you mix with water to have the taste of milk. So then naturally, butter, cheese, yogurt are all super different. Someone eat some good gouda for me pls.

I honestly cant think of many more but if there´s one thing I will testify about until the day I die is about the love I have from the Brazilian people. They´re so warm and friendly. Its incredibly how close you become with people who live on a different continent. I really think they´re so different because of their incredible faith in God and Jesus Christ. I dont have the fingers to count how many times someone has said to me "vai com Deus" or prayed for God to bless my mission and my family. I sometimes feel uncomfortable because everyday theres someone thanking me for leaving everything and sharing the word of God, no matter the religion. And its so incredible because I just think that God gave me this oppurtunity and showed to me so clearly that this is what I needed to do. It wasnt "hey lets go live in Brazil and talk to strangers about the Gospel". It was so much more divine for me than that, and is until this day.
Thank you for your love and support. Know that there is a certainty in my heart that this church is true. I love this gospél. I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. Getting to know them has been the greatest blessing in my life.

When you are tanner than your Brazilian companion.
 The son of one of our investigators that drew the baptism of Jesus Christ.
 Rodrigo, Auricelia, Antonio(our recent convert), Sisters


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