My 9 month presents!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wow. I loved loved loved this week. A lot of sweet things happened that are so close to my little brazilian heart. I had the privilige to watch to of our beautiful investigators get baptized. I think every baptism is special, but there are some that hit home much more because, I dont know... they just are.

Three weeks ago, our favorite RM in our ward, Daiana, brought her sister and brother to church. She asked us if we could teach her sister, Nayara the lessons, as the elders in the other ward would teach her brother because he lives in a different area. For the past three weeks, Daiana, the elders, us, and her siblings have had lessons almost everyday. I´ve never felt the Lord´s hand so closely in our lessons. Of course they accepted to be baptized. Yesterday, I was able to see two siblings enter into the waters of baptism 6 YEARS after their sister was baptized, served a full-time mission. I´ve never seen someone so happy in my life. Before the baptism, I was thinking alot about this RM and why she decided now to bring her siblings to investigate the church. Why not during her mission? Why not when she got home? I sat next to her and I said "I just wanted to say Sister Andrade and I are really grateful you chose this time to share the gospel with your siblings, and let us teach your sister." With tears in her eyes she responded, "I was waiting for you two.". I dont know why she was waiting for us, I know with all my heart, the Lord prepares His children to hear the restored gospel. It was such a sweet day for us.

Also three weeks ago, we began to teach Eduarda. Shes 17 years old and opened the door for us with the biggest smile I´ve ever seen. As we began to teach her, I saw this growing light in her. We invited her to first pray if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, then if the Book of Mormon is true, and so on and so forth. I´ve never seen someone receive the answers that she has recieved in the past 3 weeks. One day we were teaching, and her friend Taina was there as well. Eduarda testified of the answer she had recieved the night before. Her friend Taina said she wanted to feel answered too. As she lives in the area of the elders, we sent her address to them. And yesterday, both of the young girls were baptized. Eduarda, promissing she wanted to be a Sister one day.

To say the very least, this week was very special and so so so dear to my heart. I passed my nine month mark (half way point), and I´m sad. I dont ever want to not be a missionary. I dont ever want to stop seeing the gospel changing lives. I mean, eating Pei Wei and In n Out again would be cool but seriously, nothing is better than missionary work. Not even In N Out.
 It's all downhill from here.

 White Sunday
 Daina, Nayara and Franklin
 90 degrees here with a chance of BAAPTISM WATERRR!


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