Better than Christmas

Monday, October 3, 2016

What´s better than Christmas? GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!
After a very long, tiring week we had the oppurtunity to hear the voices of men called of God. I had many questions, all anxiously awaiting to recieve answers. When we arrived in the stake center, Sister Chamberlain (the other American sister) we heard there would not be an English broadcast. We looked at each other with tears in our eyes and sat with our companions. When there is translation, you can hear the first phrase in english, then followed by portuguese. Disapppointed, we opened our journals, really praying hard for the gift of tongues. After ten minutes, a brother said to the other sister that there was a tv set up for us on the upper level. SISTER CHAMBERLAIN LITTERALY DIDNT THINK SHE JUST RAN FOR THE STAIRS. It was super funny because, knowing why she was running, I naturally ran after her. We took the stairs two by two. At the end of the hallway, we heard the sweet voice of President Uchtdorf. With each step we hear his voice louder and louder until we entered a tiny room, with just a fan and a tv. Tears still streaming from our eyes, we heard the gospel being preached in our home language. I´m so grateful for the gospel in every language. Im so grateful that Heavenly Father has given me the gift of tongues to preach the gospel to His children in the Portuguese langauge.

There were many awesome talks and I cant wait for the Liahona to get here so I can study all of them again but a phrase I really needed to hear was "We can´t pray away someone´s agency."

I love this gospel. I testify that being a missionary is hard but there is no greater joy than sharing the restored gospel with every person you see. Take Elder Oak´s talk and study how to be a member missionary. Please, from every missionary in the field and from our moms. Help us do the Lord´s work.

Sister Myers

Caju, the world's grossest fruit

 Comp love.
 Nayara- She'll be baptize next week. Her sister at my side is a RM
 Eduarda- also will be baptized next week!
 Foot problems.. they never end.
I got 99 problems but bananas aint one.


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