Angels in Brazil

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello dear family and friends. This week has been full of crazy experiences. One that I´d like to share with all of you.
Sister Andrade and I were leaving a member´s house, and as we turned the corner there were two young men, on a motorcycle. If you live in Fortaleza, two young men on a moto is always a bad sign. We turned the corner one got off the back of the motorcycle and asked (actually he actually yelled with force, which was not appreciated) for our cellphones. As missionaries in Brazil, we dont have iphones, we dont even have a fancy android, or an iPad like the rest of the world. We walk to pamphlets, Bible, and Book of Mormon. We sweetly explained that we were missionaries and that we had nothing. He looked over my companion, and seeing that she really had nothing, came over to me and grabbed my planner and asked what it was. This planner has a picture of my family on the back and I responded "Its my eternal family! And you can have one too. Come to church with us this week and we can explain how you can have an eternal family!" And he ran off, alittle upset and went on his way.
I was a little shocked with myself that I managed to contact a robber and share a little testimony of eternal families. Sadly, he didn´t show up to the church on Sunday but I know I planted a seed in his life. This week I´ve reflected alot about my own eternal family.  Sometimes we have to be thousands of miles away to appreciate what we have. Each of my parents have gone through the impossible to give me the gospel and an eternal family. I will never understand exactly what they had to go through but I know without a doubt that it wasnt easy, and it wont be easy for any one of us to have our families forever but thats a challenege I´m more than willing to take. And that´s a huge reason why I chose to be a missionary. Because I dont know how to do what my parents did for me yet, but beingon the mission is the best training I could get. I love my family and Im so grateful that they are mine forever. There is no better message than this one: OUR FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER.

PS no one freak out, I do live in Brazil but I have angels protecting me.


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