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Monday, February 6, 2017

One question that never gets old on the mission field is "how much time do you have in the mission field?". Actually, it doesn´t get old until you start to get old in the mission field. Today I´ve officailly hit over the year mark. It´s funny because you dont ever feel old on the mission; I feel like I got here yesterday. You know why? Because the feelings you have when you bring a soul to Christ, are the same awesome feelings that you had from the very frist day in the field.

This week I got to feel that sweet spirit as we baptized Andre and Cristiane. Andre has been an investigator of the church for 2 years. My companion and I decided to pass by his house in the beginning of the transfer to see where he was in his conversion. I was shocked over and over again by his willingness to commit to the challenges that we left for him. He accepted a baptism date, that was originally really difficult for him to do with the other missionaries. I´ve seen a light come into his life these past 4 weeks. As he walked out of his baptismal interview. the elder that did his interview said "thats gonna be a great priesthood holder one day". I was so happy to see him finally enter into the waters of baptism. He´s a dad of two daughters. One day I hope the rest of his family will eventually accept the gospel.

And my sweet, sweet Cristiane. Last transfer, Cristiane went up to the chapel and saw some kids playing in the front (which is super common her in Brazil because every night the chapel opens up its soccer quadro). She asked a member what she ahs to do to visit the church. The other sisters were passing her house but she was never home. When I got into the area, the other sisters still hadn´t seen her. With luck, and help from the Lord, we finally got to teach her. And without a doubt, she is one of the elects. She has a soon that has a disorder(i dont know waht its called in english) and was so touched by the Plan of Salvation and to know her son will be perfect one day. She already has big plans to enter into the temple. Her bus route to college passes by the construction of the Fortaleza temple everyday.

I love this sweet gospel and Im so grateful for the privilege I have to share it.


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