Missions are like rapadura

Monday, January 30, 2017

Missions are like rapadura. For you gringos, let me explain. Rapadura is a sweet here from Ceara that is basically 99% rock hard sugar and 1% flavoring. It´s one of the worst things that I´ve ever eaten here lol. But something that is super common is people compare missions to rapadura. Why? Because it HARD and its SWEET.

This week was... hard. I think its hilarious that every single missionary passes through hard days, hard weeks and no one hears about it because we´re trained to only say great things about our areas and mission. But I´m brutally honest and this week was hard.  We found very little new investigators, and our super firm baptism fell through. So I sit in my bed sometimes just thinking "alright, you´re tired and you dont know what to do anymore." I SHOULD be getting on my knees and asking for help but usually I just think and think and think until I fall asleep. This week I was thinking A LOT. And sometimes you want to give up but every night Heavenly Father put a thought in my head. If I give up, who is gonna find those souls that need the gospel?  What would have happened if the elders in Tampa, Florida and Detroit, Michigan gave up and didn´t find my parents? They didn´t know that those converts would go on to serve missions, get married in the temple, have a eternal family, and their daughter would too serve a mission. We just dont know the plan of God. And it kills me inside to know there are souls that I´m not finding. So when all else fails, I have to work harder. And that is what I´ll do.

Missions are like rapadura. They´re hard but they´re sweet too. I love love love my mission. Seriously, it´s the best experience. Not because I´m traveling around Brazil and meeting awesome people. But because I´m sharing the Gospel that changed my life, that is still changing.

 mission conference! Sister Chamberlain and I´s training? CRUSHED IT.

 the view of my area from our apartment


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