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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Monday!! First week of the transfer has passed with alot of "new this" and "new that". New area, new companion(kinda), and new experiences. I´m officially in Monte Castelo. It´s super strange for me because all of my areas I´ve passed have been more simples and humble. I´ve been overwelmed with tiny things like people having cars and normal cell phones... its crazy how a mission chages you. But on the bright side, my area has a huge Walmart. I´ve never been so happy to see a Walmart in my life. I walked in and held back tears. I have a special place in my heart for Jardim Guanabara... a family from that area visited me here already in my new area. Its amazing the impact people have on our lives.

My new area is super metropolitan. A lot of apartment buildings and old school houses. And its the size of Africa. Seriously. That will be a great difficulty as I´ve never worked in a "city city" before. But whats a mission without a little bit of difficulties, am i right or am I right? Nothing huge happening here, just getting settled in really. As LTS, I´ll be taking care of the sisters in Paracuru, that is my old area so I´ll be traveling there this transfer. WOOT WOOT!

This Sunday I was asked to give a talk about missionary work in my new ward. Even as a missionary, I feel like I´ve heard those talks about "every member a missionary" over and over. But something that has always touched my heart. In Mark 2, tells the parable of the paralytic. In Jesus the Christ, explains something that I love. Jesus Christ heals him because of "their faith" not "HIS faith". Or in other words, becase those loving four friends used their faith and love for that paralytic, he was saved. And so maybe we know someone who cant reach the house where Christ is, they need our help, our strength and our faith. Theres so many more details but raelly study out the parable. Its changed so much about my perspective as a member missionary.

Thank you for your love and support. I´m still astonished that everyone remembers I exist, even if it means my hair is 10x longer, I´m 5x chubbier, and my skin is 100x darker.


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