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Monday, January 9, 2017

This week was AWESOME. My companion and I have been focused on studying dilligence. Missionaries have the tendency (not I) to get trunky during the last week of transfers. They think they will be transfered or that its okay to slack off. And that is exactly not what I wanted to teach my daughter. So we worked harder than we ever have this week. And when we give EVERYTHING we have to the Lord.... we have "MILAS".

mila (noun): mila is an abreviation of the word "milagre" or "miracle" in English
-often used by missionaries in brazil

This Sunday we woke up with POURING rain and we had confirmed 10 people for church. I literally had to swim my way to church because when it rains here it pours. And to my surprise (and little faith) 8 of our investigators came and had a very special experience. AND... in this area we´ll have 6 baptisms this week.

BUT I will be transfered to a new area called Monte Castelo with my old companion Sister Andrade. Im SO exciited but so sad to leave my daughter and this area that has taught me so much. I love servnig the Lord, espcially this past year in the beautiful land called, Fortaleza.

My daughter finishing her training.
 Drinking Sao Geraldo, a soda that only exists in Ceara
 1 Year on the mission!!!


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