Unexpected Miracles

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello fellow Americans and a few of my Brazilian homies (Hi Sister Souza). THIS WEEK WAS SO COOL. Okay so I had a huge wake up call. Sometiems you get to the point in the mission where everything is rountine. Its the same thing, every darn day. And its great, it really is! Until you don´t see the great miracles anymore. And I´ve felt like that lately. SERIOUS! On Monday we had a rocking training from our Zone Leaders and I was a ball of tears. You know when you know you could be giving more and you´re not doing it?! I felt like lixo(trash). So I sat down with my companion and we talked about being diligent in all things. Even when we dont teach a lesson until night or something is going wrong we will trust in the Lord and have a certainty that there is room for miracles. And thats what we did and MY OH MY I felt so happy. Okay, Im a happy missionary. I actually am bullied by elders because Im the happpiest missionary. Dont worry, I dont ACTUALLY let them bully me. So we worked so so so hard this week. My cheeks hurt from smiling. And no, we didnt baptize, and no we didn´t have anyone at church on Sunday. And we were kinda sad but we saw the miracle the Atonement of Jesus Christ did for you as we are changing our way to do His work.

We slipped into our pew on Sunday, a little sad after none one had showed, specifically a huge family we taught where the lesson was INCREDBILE and we were POSITIVE they would be there and they werent. But the miracle still happens. Our ZL promised us if we would fast Saturday until Sunday.... yes, New Years Eve until New Years Day, we would see a miracle. So we were sitting there just a wee bit down in the dumps, and the bishop gets up and asks all of the members of our ward to fast this next sunday... for the sisters in our ward. WOW DID I CRY. (Sisters are always crying). It was something so so simple. And it was the miracle we were waiting for, but it was exactly what we needed. I love this gospel. I love that my Savior loves and knows me too. I want to wish everyone a great New Year and a new beginning to get closer to our Savior.


 Adventure Day in the City because Sister Chamberlain and Sister Bresich are celebrating their birthdays!


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