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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello from sunny Fortaleza. Last night I woke up to rain pouring on my face due to the normal impeding rain with the sense that my stomach wasnt handling the food I had eaten earlier very well. Brazil, whatcha gonna do?

This week was awesome. It was probably the first week in my mission that I felt like we were starting to show success in our area. We have 4 baptisms planned within the next two weeks and they´re all really strong investigators.

Catia and Valdeon: This week was Valdeon´s birthday and they had payed everything they had for their wedding and rings (YAY FOR MAY 18) so Sister Jackson passed by with a cake and candles. I´ve never seen an adult man be so excited for cake in my life. They´re really progressing and are ready for marriage and baptism. Nothing beats the feeling of getting your face slammed with doors all day, then entering a house that has the Spirit. Stay tuned for the rest of their story...

Antonia: Her brother met the other Sisters in our area and told them to visit his house. Because it was in our area, we passed by and found Antonia. She´s the most humblest of women I´ve met. We have to sit on the curb of her house for lessons because she doesnt own any type of chairs. They´re by far, the most powerful lessons. She has a sons who´s a drug addict and she wants to change to be an example for him. Antonia said she felt the Spirit so strongly in church on Sunday, and this was after she had told us earlier that shes never felt peace in her life.Miracles happen.

Luiz Fabricio: He´s a 12 year old boy we met talking to his mom in the street. His mom is very Catholic but she wanted us to talk to him because he´s been "acting out". He´s really just becoming a teenager. But he´s awesome. He´s prayed, recieved an answer, gone to church, and is excited to be baptized. Even better, his mom supports him, which is hard to find here. The young men here have really befriended him and even invited him to clean the church with them... and he went! LOL

Mother´s Day: Okay truth time. I havent gotten completely ready since the MTC so it was weird to get done up for momma bear. Especially when it all melts off before the Skype call. It was awesome to hear from my family. I love how we get enough time to just ensure that everyone is happy and healthy. It was weird to remember that America, let alone my house, exists. Now I´m back to reality, but its really the best type of reality. I´ll say what no other missionary dares to say: I miss my family. But these families that Im helping meet their Savior and His plan for them is always the best.

Feliz dia das mães para o tudo mundo. Thank you for your love and support.

Sister Myers

Valdeon's Birthday
 Skyping the family
 Coca Cola cans for the the Olympics (#issoeuro)


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