Waiting to Move Mountains

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

hello family and friends! Hope all is well up there in the North, LOL. Everything is going great. I dont have very much time to email so I´d just like to say that I´m happy and I´m healthy and I think thats all that really counts. I want to say that this week has probably been the hardest yet. The mission is a place where your weaknesses are so apparent and as a person who needs to be more humble, its been difficult. Im grateful to have a loving companion, a supportive family, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it is easy to wonder what life is like back home. My nephew just got baptized, today is my sister´s birthday and she´s due next month, my friends are starting to come home from missions, other friends are starting back up at BYU-I. But theres never a minute that I dont think I should be here. I love who the Savior is allowing me to become. It means letting go of alot of who Chandler is and becoming what the Savior needs Sister Myers to be. Thats who I want to become in the next 14 months. So I may come home different but I know it´ll be for the better.

Thank you for you love and emails. I promise I will get to respond to them next week. I cant express how much gratitude I have for you all. Tons of misionaries here dont have families supporting them and I think about how my parents didnt either on missions. Im so greatful for all of you, who´ve become like family to help me along, grow, and sending PB all the way to Brazil.
Boa semana
Sister Myers


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